MasterCraft Dealer Days...Update

After last nights reception, the Dealers started their day with a motivating presentation by MasterCraft CEO, John Dorton. John reviewed MasterCraft?s phenomenal business results, as well as shared his ?Mission? plan that outlined the opportunities for continued growth.
Following John, additional members of the senior management team, including Scott Crutchfield (Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales), Parker Stair (Director of National Sales) and John Behling (MasterCraft?s new Director of Marketing), made presentations on the role that their departments will play in accomplishing the mission.
Later in the day, the Dealers were treated to an inspiring speech by national T.V. personality and Talk Show Host ? Hallerin Hilton Hill. Among his captivating stories, Hallerin shared his secrets of success challenging all in attendance with his life?s mantra: ?in order to go higher, you have to dig deeper?.
To wrap up the evening and seal it with a bow, the awards dinner was hosted by the legendary wakeboarder, Zane Schwenk. John Dorton and Scott Crutchfield were again on stage to present the Dealers, as well as Athletes, with key prestigious awards. Throughout the ceremony, the audience was thrilled as they were shown sneak previews of the ever popular ? ?2007 Rewind? video. As agreed by many, the new Rewind is without a doubt one of the most electrifying and best ever made!
Check back for the latest coverage on who was presented with the esteemed Dealer - ?Presidential Award?, as well as the Athletes that were named MasterCraft Rider and Skier of the Year-