Rob Shirley

The Original


It all starts here. During the summer of 1968 in Florida, waterski instructor Rob Shirley wanted a better ski boat so he built his own—and an entire industry in the process. Everything, from the first ProStar to the brand new XT25, every person in our offices and in our factory, every family enjoying the sunshine and good times on a MasterCraft every summer, it’s all because of Rob Shirley, his garage, his late nights and weekends and his vision of a better tow boat. He’s our founder, our inspiration and our legacy. We owe it all to you, Rob.

Sammy Duvall



Have a seat at the table and feast on these ski accomplishments: six world records, six world titles. Ranked number one in the world for 17 of his 20 years as a pro. And today, he still grabs the line to rip it up as owner of Curl Surf Shops in Florida and California. Sammy Duvall’s longevity and accolades as a skier are unmatched and he’s been a part of the MasterCraft family from the jump. The first run goes out to you, Sammy.

Zane Schwenk



Prodigy, visionary and most of all, limit pusher. This is Zane Schwenk. Starting at age three—and continuing through today—he’s taken watersports to new places that none of us saw coming. The consensus forefather of wakeboarding, Zane has invented and landed some of the sport’s most monumental tricks, helped grow the sport with the Pass the Handle program and masterminded the V-Drive system that’s used in wakeboard boats industry wide. We wouldn’t be the company we are today without you, Zane.

Camille Duvall



Sidle up and sit down, Camille is the real deal. She is a five-time consecutive world professional slalom champion in skiing, holds 14 US National Ski titles, is a member of the Waterskiing Hall of Fame and was named one of the Sport’s Illustrated Top 100 Female Athletes of the 20th Century. As she navigated her way up the ladder in a sport that wasn’t traditionally female-focused, she also worked to shine a light and give athletes a voice. Known colloquially as “the Golden Goddess”, she broke the glass, led the way and still now grabs the handle to get some turns in and be part of the industry. Full stop, the sport of waterskiing would not be where it is today without Camille Duvall.