Fuel Pump Does Not Run When The Engine Start-Stop Button Is Pressed

Cause 1 

Pump may not be receiving sufficient voltage to the pump, or there may be corrosion interfering with the electrical impulse. 

Remedy 1 

Take the boat to an authorized MasterCraft dealer. Only the dealer has the specialized, required tools to correct the problem. 

Cause 2 

The fuel pump relay may have tripped. 

Remedy 2 

Reset the relay on the EPDM screen on the dash. 

The Sound Of The Fuel Pump Running Is Audible But The Engine Does Not Start


The system may have inadequate fuel pressure or clogged fuel filter and/or lines. 


Take the boat to an authorized MasterCraft dealer. There are a variety of potential causes that can negatively impact fuel pressure. All repairs require specialized tools available only to dealers.