These tasks are best accomplished during operation of the boat. 

  • Check gauges frequently for operating conditions.
  • Pay attention that controls operate smoothly.
  • Note any excessive vibration. 
  • Check that everything is secure,tower and mirror knobs are tightened, all latches and brackets are secure, and anything that might move around in the cockpit during operation has been stowed. Even soft objects can cause injury when underway. Under normal operations, there will be some vibration, and this may loosen hardware over time.
  • Check that all required Scheduled Maintenance Checks and Services were performed. 

CAUTION: DO NOT launch or operate the boat if any problem is found during the Safety Check. A problem could lead to an accident during the outing, resulting in death or serious injury. Any and all problems should receive attention immediately. See your authorized MasterCraft dealer?s service department for assistance.