These tasks are best accomplished before the boat is launched.

  • Follow all engine and drive train pre-operation maintenance and safety.
  • Checks as outlined in the provided engine owner?s manual.
  • Check the weather report, wind and water conditions.
  • Check for recommended on-board tools and parts.
  • Check that all drain plugs are installed properly, including bilge and rear drain.
  • Check the propeller and shaft for damage.
  • Check that there is an adequate supply of fuel.
  • Check that the steering system operates properly.
  • Check that required safety equipment is on board.
  • Check that the windshield and extrusions do not show any damage.
  • When boating, avoid using the windshield as an aid for balance or getting out of a seat. This causes undue stress to the window frame and could damage it, which may not be covered under warranty.
  • Check that the fire extinguisher is fully charged.
  • Check that no fuel, oil or water is leaking or has leaked into the?bilge compartment.
  • Check all hoses and connections for leakage or damage.
  • Check that everything is secure, tower and mirror knobs are?tightened, all latches and brackets are secure, and anything that might move around in the cockpit during operation has been stowed. Even soft objects can cause injury when underway, Under normal operations, there will be some vibration, and this may loosen hardware over time.
  • Check that all required Scheduled Maintenance Checks and Services were performed.

CAUTION: DO NOT launch or operate the boat if any problem is found during the Safety Check. A problem could lead to an accident during the outing, resulting in death or serious injury. Any and all problems should receive attention immediately. See your authorized MasterCraft dealer?s service department for assistance.