Factory Tour

We started building your boat more than 50 years ago

In 1968 waterskier Rob Shirley built the first high performance ski boat because he wanted a better experience. MasterCraft still rigorously pursues that desire to build amazing machines. The custom-built MasterCraft we make for you is the result of years of athlete and engineering-driven R&D. We're in the water dreaming up the next generation of performance today.

Here's how it all comes together:

Day 1: The Heart of the Boat

The first thing we create is your boat's hull. Before production, all gel coat and raw laminate materials are certified by our in-house laboratory. We design our own molds for each model, and they are meticulously maintained. Buffing and anti-static treatments ensure consistent quality, and every 25 uses our molds are removed from the system and reconditioned. Premium grade polyester gelcoat is triple sprayed, measured and inspected to achieve .24mm thickness. The result is a beautiful, durable, lifelong luster from day one.

Day 2: Solid to the Core

MasterCraft's exclusive stringer system is bonded to the hull. Our fiberglass is precision cut using a CNC machine then hand laid. Aluminum, steel and high density polyethylene pieces are glassed to the structure for anchoring major external hardware. Engine and ski pylon mounting brackets are sandwiched under the grid liner. PVC conduit is laminated into the deck for easy cabling, wiring, and servicing. The MasterCraft liner system itself is unequaled by any other inboard company. This chemical bond and unibody construction adds rigidity and strength, giving every MasterCraft hull a solid ride more like an offshore fishing or performance boat. It's built to withstand pounding from 6-8 foot ocean swells that generate 5-10gs.

Days 3 & 4: 1,500 Components, 1,500 Fastners

Every boat model has its own set of jigs to ensure perfect consistency, flawless fit and finish. Over the course of 2 days, up to 200 holes are drilled and we install over 1,500 components on different boat models in a one-piece flow line. Our componentry and material selection leaves no room for compromise. Everything from dash pods to stereos to cleats are mounted using stainless steel hardware and Nutzertz for ultimate reliability. All instrument and control panels are made of machined billet aluminum. We use Teleflex Xtreme cables which reduce loss of motion by 70%, and high quality connectors on all electrical tin wiring to maintain positive connection and withstand the marine environment.

Days 6: The Best Seats in the House

We produce our own custom upholstery using up to 9 grades of high-density foam, 40-pound puncture-resistant premium vinyl, and heavy duty stitching. Our seats are rotocast polyethylene frames and backs, by far the best construction method. Unlike wood, they'll never rot. And unlike plastic, fiberglass seat bases will last forever and won't weaken in hot weather. All seat bases are part of the deck mold. Our innovative pleating machine allows us to build the whole interior on the premises to ensure the quality look of true-sewn pleats. To make our interiors last even longer, we use triple-density, self-draining reticulated foam to keep your seats dry and looking stylish for decades.

Days 7: Pulling Ahead

MasterCraft is the only inboard manufacturer to custom-build and color-match trailers for each individual boat model. This ensures that every boat will sit securely on the trailer. High strength tubular steel is cut, bent and welded together by our metal smiths. Each wheel hub and axle is fully lubed with oil, not grease. This industry exclusive detail provides better fuel economy. All MasterCraft trailers come complete with high-quality aluminum wheels, making the perfect statement for the total rig. Before being put on its custom built trailer, each boat is lake tested (not tank tested), then detailed and wrapped for transit to our dealers.

One goal: to be the best on the water.

Your MasterCraft has been transformed from a set of ideals and raw materials into a work of high performance industrial design, brought to life by an elite team engineers and craftsmen. We believe in our product so much that we created MasterCare, the industry's best warranty. For five years, everything on the boat is covered and every issue is resolved by MasterCraft.

  • 52 years
  • 10,000 decisions
  • 1,500 components
  • 500 employees
  • 375 critical checkpoints
  • 100% lake tested
  • ISO 14001 quality control system
  • NMMA certified
  • 7 days
  • One goal: to be the best on the water.


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