Welcome to the new wave. Born in the lab and made to get rad, the X24 just swept up a National Marine Manufacturers Award for innovation. It was designed from day one to live squarely in that sweet spot where science meets soul, the surf is better than ever and the wakes are wicked. Featuring the new intelligent Switchback Ballast Tank and optional FastFill Pumps—the X24 truly makes better waves than anything else in the industry. It serves up cleaner, longer, sharper and bigger waves than any towboat ever before—and it’s customizable for all skill levels. Grab 17 of your best friends, load it up and get stoked to roll out endless legendary surf on your way to a legendary summer.



Boat length 24' 2" / 7.37 M
Beam 102" / 2.59 M
Interior width * 87" / 2.21 M
Weight 6100 LBS / 2767 KG
Ballast with Gen 2 4300 LBS / 1950 KG
Fuel capacity 85 Gal / 322 L
Capacity 2550 LBS / 1157 KG
Draft 30" / 0.76 M
Boat height ** 8' 2" / 2.47 M
Hull Vector Drive
Seating 18 People
Color options Infinite
Storage 106 Ft3 / 3.0 M3
WakeThick - Rampy Wake w/ Crisp Lip
Surf - Powerful Wake Shape
ActivityWakeboard - Recreation (18-22 mph)
Wake Surfing (10-12 mph)
Starting from USA MSRP $154,920
* Interior Width is measured from fiberglass inner gunnel to fiberglass inner gunnel.
** Boat Height specs reflect the height of a ZFT4 tower to the lowest point of the boat's running gear.
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2019 X24 Product Overview
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Video Content 1
2019 X24 Product Overview
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