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lake temp in tach

Does anyone know if there is a recalibration for the lake temp on the tach of my 04 197? It says its 170deg.
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Old 05-02-2015, 06:46 PM
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Making Use of the Multi-Function Gauge
In addition to the displays noted to the left, the
multi-function gauge also displays several alarms. The
following messages will be displayed if an alarm occurs:
VOLT = Below 11.5 volts
OIL = Oil is below 4 p.s.i. when the R.P.M. is
below 1000 R.P.M. or the oil pressure is below 10
p.s.i. and above 1000 R.P.M.
TEMP = High engine temperature alarm
TRAN = Transmission alarm
The hourmeter displays the boat hours and is
stored in the engine’s computer. Replacing the computer
(known as an MMDC) will erase the hours. It
counts hours only when the engine is above 300
R.P.M. When equipped with a revision C MMDC,
the option exists to change the display to metric from
the hours screen. This is done by holding down the
gauge selection display button for three seconds.
When prompted, select English or metric display.
Wait an additional three seconds and the display will
return to normal operation.
The clock can be adjusted by depressing the gauge
selection display button when the clock is displayed.
After three seconds the colon will stop flashing and
the hours are adjusted by pressing down, while minutes
are adjusted by pressing up. After three additional
seconds the clock will return to normal operation.
Lake temperature is also standard on the gauge.
This comes from the paddle wheel located under the
boat. If the sensor becomes open or shorts-out to
the battery, it will read 32 F. If the sensor is shorted
to ground it will read 150 F. The temperature is also
where the SELF TEST is located. With the lake
temperature displayed, hold down the gauge selection
display button for three seconds or until the
self test has started. During the left test, all the segments
on the display will light up. Also during the
self test, the gauges will re-set, go to mid-scale and
then to full-scale. After two sweeps the system returns
to normal.

1989 MasterCraft TriStar 190 SE
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