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Old 05-12-2017, 09:28 AM
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X10 - Bow Ballast

Hey all - I upgraded my rear ballast with the Wakemakers setup, and I think need some ballast in the front. Seems like the main choices are....

Bunch of Large Friends in the bow
Lead Bags

Does anyone have a piggyback solution to T off of the center tank pump? I think I'd like something that isn't permanent and can be easily removed without a trip back to the dock each time.

Any thoughts would be awesome!

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Old 05-12-2017, 10:21 AM
scottz46 scottz46 is offline
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I have the specific X10 kit from Fly high that includes two front bags. The most similar things look to be the two xstar from bags from fly high on the wakemakers site.


The dimensions might be off
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Old 05-12-2017, 11:48 AM
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We have 150 lbs lead amidships beneath the windscreen, or can move it all to the bow if you want longer vs. steep. Foreward lead can stay in the boat for slalom as well and helps lift the transom a bit for good ski wake. A medium person in the bow is also easy.
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Old 05-12-2017, 07:46 PM
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Its pretty simple to add bags Ryan. Just need a couple of "Y" fittings and some hose plus the usual fittings and plumb into the existing vent line from the centre tank. I put 400's in mine. They don't fill by any means but, being too large for the space, they mould nicely to the shape of the compartment and maximise the space. Fill times are pretty good, they certainly fill way quicker than the rears. Make sure you secure your incoming "Y" flat so that it distributes to both bags at the same time. First time I tried I filled the starboard bag but only partially filled the port side as the fitting was inverted.
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