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Brochure on the SantaFe says 5000# with the v-6 FWIW.

Originally Posted by east tx skier View Post
Those two cars are only rated for 3,500 lbs. A 196 and trailer would be pushing or exceeding those limits. Fine for the short trips, but maybe not ideal for the longer hauls.

The regular V6 Explorer or V6 Ecoboost Explorer is rated for 5,000 lbs. The 4 cylinder ecoboost is rated lower.
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"I recently switched from mostly showroom sales to in home sales. Love it as I have so much more flexibility for skiing. However gas is killing me! Thought about just getting a cheapo $3k-4K commuter . Problem is I don't have room for another car in the driveway , don't want to rick breaking down and plus another vehicle to insure maintain and repair. Currently drive a 2013 GMC Silverado 1500 xtra cab. Gas is not bad, but for an outside sales guy who drives all day, gas is climbing $600+ a month. Its gets average 17mpg, 15 city, 20 hwy , give or take. "

So the math... if it is costing you $600/month in gas at average 17mpg, you could get a vehicle that gets 34MPG average, that would make your gas bill $300/month. There are no towing vehicles getting that type of mileage. Continuing the math, with mileage at 34mpg it will take you $300x12=$3600 savings a year so approx 3 years to break even on a sell and buy a different vehicle that can't tow your toy...

If you sell your 2013 you will probably take a hit of $10k if you trade it for a car of lesser value you really take it in the shorts probably closer to $15K, that there buys allot of gas... Depreciation of vehicles is especially bad in the first 3 years...

Or you buy a cheap commuter car which may not be dependable enough, but I would think any 2008 or newer would be pretty reliable, but then the insurance ($120/month?), maintenance ($100/month?, tires, oil, etc..) and dreaded depreciation. Do you save any money? not sure you do unless you are getting more than 50MPG... and then that might just be the break even point.

Lot's of focus on the gas price but one of the largest costs is the depreciation of the vehicle. It is just something nobody likes to talk about and it is the most expensive part of owning a vehicle.

It is to bad the price of gas is about double what it should be... you can thank the various alphabet soup agencies and the current administration for this.

Good luck with whatever you decide.
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