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Old 06-09-2014, 05:12 PM
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X-2 Overheat?


Appreciate some insight on this one regarding my new X-2 (2013 w/ 13 hrs - I've had the boat out 5 times previously this year with heavy use and no issues).

I am a gauge watcher and constantly monitor the engine temp - it's always run right at 160 every time before yesterday. As I am out with the family yesterday and have been underway no more than 20 minutes in look down and one minute the engine temp is fine and the next it's spiked to darn near 200. I immediately look back and see a small amount of steam/smoke billowing out of the engine compartment. So I shutdown the engine immediately and lift the engine access cover. Engine is obviously way hot and I heard some knocking before I was able to shut it down. At NO time did the high temp alarm ever come on.

Got towed back to the marina and will be taking the boat into the dealer tomorrow. It's obviously under warranty but I am still extremely frustrated a boat I've paid so much for has had this kind of issue.

My question is - *** happened?

I have not pulled the impeller, but the strainer has water in it and I don't see any blockage. Hard to believe it (impeller) would be bad after only 13 hrs of use.

I've read some posts about some of the older model Ilmor engines overheating due to air being sucked into the strainer and vapor locking. The fact that there is water in the strainer appears the rule that out.
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Old 06-09-2014, 05:24 PM
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I had a similar problem with my 13 X-25. The strainer cap cracked causing impeller to suck air. I took the boat in to dealer where they changed impeller and installed new style strainer. My dealer said it was not a recall, but they are changing them all out as 13 boats come in. I don't think your motor got hot enough to do any damage, but you might think about changing oil and filter.
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Old 06-09-2014, 09:11 PM
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Your engine will be fine, my truck runs at 210 all day long, it's just fine. Did you look at the strainer while it's running to be sure it's pulling water?
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Old 06-09-2014, 09:37 PM
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If the high temp alarm never went off your def. fine.
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Old 06-09-2014, 10:08 PM
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I did not look at the stainer while it was running - but the fact that it was filled with water leads me to believe it was not pulling air in.

Will post back once I have more information.
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Old 06-10-2014, 07:47 AM
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It has to get to around 230-40 before you need to worry about damage. If you were under 200, there is no risk of damage. Were you idling the boat or under way when the temperature climbed? The air through the strainer usually only shows up while idling. There is enough of an air leak that the impellar can't overcome the leak at idle and loses its prime. If that's the case, all it takes is to put the boat in neutral and bump the throttle up a little, and it will cool right down. If you were underway, and it climbed, it's probably something else. However, if it never goes above 200, I'd argue you don't have an issue at all.

I'd take it back out yourself and see what happens. It will save you waiting for the dealer to get to it. Keep an eye on the temperature and run it for a while. The alarm will go off to warn you before any damage happens if you happen to miss the overheat if/when it occurs.
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Old 06-10-2014, 10:13 AM
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^Echo that.

I have seen many boats that will go to about 200 degrees before the initial opening of the thermostat (from an initial start till warmup). It is due to a typical accumulation of a small air bubble in the top portion of the engine, and around the thermostat. It ends up needing a higher temp to get it to open. Once it opens the first time, it should be good for the rest of the running time. However, if this is happening after that point, you probably have another problem.

Keep in mind, most cars run a 195-210 degree thermostat, to help meet emission requirements. It will not hurt your engine to be at that temp. At 230-240, you would probably start to cook the inside of your exhaust hoses, but still not hurt the engine. In fact, even 260-280 would be harmless if you just started it recently, and were only idling. 250-260 and above can, however, cause serious damage if the engine is under a moderate to heavy load for any extended period of time...... Idling though, it is not quite as critical. If you had been idling and hit 280, I would start to worry. 200 degrees is nothing for these motors. They can run that temp at full throttle without any damage.
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Old 06-11-2014, 05:14 PM
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Impeller was thrashed and ended up with a stuck valve - will be getting a new engine. Can't say I am not shocked the way it was knocking just before I shut it down.

No idea why the impeller would have gone with just 13hrs and what caused the stuck valve. Keep in mind there was no overheat alarm and temp gauge never showed more than 200.
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Old 06-11-2014, 05:18 PM
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I would request a new boat!


Details released eventually

2016 X30-Wetsounds galore
2017 Misty Harbor Tri-Toon
1985 S&S- For Sale
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Old 06-11-2014, 05:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Aric'sX15 View Post
I would request a new boat!
no joke!

what did they say the turnaround time would be?
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