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Old 04-27-2014, 07:48 PM
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1989 prostar 190 carpet

I want to redo the carpet in my 1989 mastercraft prostar 190. I was wondering how much carpet I need to buy and the best place to purchase it. I've seen where when you order you can get different widths and lengths any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Joey
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Old 05-12-2014, 04:04 PM
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Joey, I have the same boat and in the same position wanting to replace my carpet. If I find something that works, I'll let you know. Anyone else that can help it would be greatly appreciated.
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Originally Posted by funonthewater View Post
Joey, I have the same boat and in the same position wanting to replace my carpet. If I find something that works, I'll let you know. Anyone else that can help it would be greatly appreciated.
Are you going up the sides to the gunnel?
Are you going all the way front-back or just up to the driver's foot rest area?

I typically stop where I consider under the dash area. No need to go forward in my opinion. That said, there are a lot of threads here on carpeting.

If I were doing an 89, I'd buy 24 or 28 oz. short cut pile marine carpet (I am not a fan of berber), color of your choice, but I like a gray color where it is easy on the eyes and does not color saturate one's eyes after a while in the boat.

Buy 16-18ft (and stop at the driver's foot rest or similar area. Twenty feet tops for extra in case you need a future remnant for some odd reason (and I have had several needs). Get the 8' or 8.5' width if you're going up the sides (which I would do if practical). Six feet width if your doing only the floor. I'd still want the 8' width .

When removing your current carpet, do your best to remove it in one (or more) pieces as practical to use as a cutting template. That itself will save you a lot of headaches. Don't go ripping out the current carpet like a wild-man....remove each section as practical in one piece and you'll have an easy job cutting the new installation piece.

Remove all of your floor pieces that are made to be removed, then start from the back and work forward, one side at a time. A gallon of glue should do you. You need just enough to be workable, and not a lot that will have a hard time curing.

Sand the old glue out (doesn't have to be perfect). Sanding is probably the least favorite part...but it's all part of it.

While your floor is out, consider coating the bottom side of each removed section with epoxy resin for the sake of knowing it will stay dry. Also while you have the floor out, consider this: fill the screw holes with some filler (3M 4200 maybe) and reinstall the floor with no screws. I did not use screws going back in. It stays, so I see no need to hassle with screw holes, etc.. your call. and now you have less places for water intrusion....

If your 89 has part of the deck that is mold-shaped and sitting on the floor, you can get a hook cutting carpet tool to get under the deck without lifting it off. I forget how the 89 is constructed.

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^ +1
The typical sources for marine carpeting mentioned on Teamtalk are Corinthian Carpets (corinthian-marine-carpets.com), Boat Carpet Central, and Overtons. All will send you samples, no charge when I got mine.

Contrary to Cloaked's opinion, after twenty five years of the dark blue in mine, I wanted to remove all traces of it, including up front in the closed bow area and gunnels, especially since I was changing colors from dark blue to gray. I installed mine continuous from bow to back which took an approx. 19' long piece, 8.5' wide (Tristar is wider than Prostar). Probably best to remove carpet intact first, then layout and determine the minimum length required based on available width. Then, order what you need. On mine, I could get the two sides out of one piece, but the center panels had to come out of another 8' long piece.

I didn't sand, scraped only til smooth, used some goof off and a rag, but did not strive to remove all traces of glue. Not necessary, IMHO, since you'll be slathering more glue down anyway.

Search the carpet threads, many good suggestions.
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