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Old 01-02-2014, 07:11 PM
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My elbow has swollen and bothered me in years past, I wore one of those compression ace bandages you slide on for a week or so and it seemed to help.
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Old 01-03-2014, 11:00 AM
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Hope this helps,
I had the Same Pain , from ACTUAL GOLF 3-5 days a week for years...(I'm 46)
Did not go to the Dr.
Friend said get that elbow forearm band that presses on muscle for isolation.
Started last Thanksgiving , quit golfing Completely.

In 2 months it started feeling better, after that I took off band.
I decided to halt Golfing for 6 months since repair was working on its own....

Then I bought a Boat....

Still have not Golfed in over a year...
Arm is 90% healed... No therapy

Rest was the initial heal , there some light work outs on entire body...

Side note: I don't really miss Golf much....and I was an addict...lol

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Old 01-03-2014, 12:39 PM
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I hate golfers elbow, it dragged me away from so many sports. I was a semi pro golfer that eventually quit because of my strength dying out. I didnt want surgery so tried several things. Acupuncture worked well for a while but did nothing I find to actually heal the area. I have been using king brands bfst for about 6 months now, have returned to golf, fly fishing and water skiing since without pain. Honestly the best item on the market and great customer support after youve purchased. Highly recommend it http://www.kingbrand.com/Tennis-Elbow.php?REF=39PV9
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Old 01-09-2014, 08:05 PM
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I ended up talking to my physical therapist today and got something called Band it . Been wearing it for a few hours and I can already feel a difference
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Old 01-10-2014, 10:29 AM
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Originally Posted by atihanyi View Post
So long story short . I am fifty and ski 5-6 days a week in the spring/summer about half and half open water to course . Last year in august I developed a severe pain in my left elbow that got better with ice and was aggravated by skiing (didn't stop me though) fastforward to late fall . I needed shoulder surgery and had to see my family doctor for pre-surgery physical so I asked him about it . He tells me right away I have golfers elbow (never played golf in my life ) and that it should get better in the off season with lack of use . He goes on to tell me I can wear a band on my elbow that puts pressure on it at a certain point which may or may not help . Anyone one else dealing with this ? what are you doing about it ?
This must be the new name for tennis elbow as nobody plays tennis anymore.... next I suppose it will be Wii elbow
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Old 01-11-2014, 07:49 AM
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Here are some good places to go for help. http://www.colinmcnulty.com/blog/200...golfers-elbow/

And http://www.hughston.com/hha/a.seven.htm

I used the band-it to much success but even slept with it so the tendon had little pressure on it for 6 weeks. It worked. Unless you give up sports I am told by almost every Dr. that don't expect it to ever go away so it becomes something you have to manage using common sense. Good luck.
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Old 01-11-2014, 11:43 AM
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I had imediate relief wearing a version of the Band-It while skiing. There are a lot of versions of the Band-It, some are more user friendly for skiing. Quite a few skiers I know have had great results going to a much larger diameter handle. Good Luck!
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