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winterize 2000 x star LTR engine KGB


I searched through many posts and I think I have most of it complete, but want to check a few "year specific" things in regards to winterizing.

I just bought the boat (I'll get some pics). It has the LTR engine, with a heater, KGB in the locker and transom tanks. This boat also has a large plastic filter housing with a clear lid on the raw water inlet hose between the hull and pump. Is the filter housing a part of the Heater install?

I have drained the block by removing the plug and knock sensor.
I have removed various hoses to drain the water pumps for the engine and transmission cooler.
Disconnected the hose that couples/drains the exhaust manifold.
Disconnected the heater hose at the water pump fitting and blew through that hose until it sounded like the water was gone. (tried an air pump - too much resistance, tried a compressed air nozzle but was getting too much leakage, so I used my mouth!!)

From an '01 manual I learned about the "rear locker tank valves" mounted on the inside of the transom, starboard side. "Center" position is winterize (I assume it disables the check valve and lets water reverse flow out the inlet, if necessary) My boat only has (2) of the valves. The transom mounted control lever operates a cable that actuates a red rectangular valve laying in the bilge. I have one for each side. I removed the pump bodies from their housings, disconnected lower hoses between the pumps and tanks, so I think I'm ok with the tanks.

What about the KGB drain? The '01 manual shows (3) transom mounted controls. I only have (2). I see a grey cone shaped valve laying in the bilge. Presumably, this is in the inlet line for the KGB?? It's in a spot not easy to remove the hose clamps, so I was wondering about the best way to make sure the KGB is drained and to remove water between this
??check valve?? and the locker bag. I found the steepest hill I could find and parked the boat/trailer. I activated the KGB drain pump until I could hear the pump "starve". I did drive up and down hills to move water around and hopefully get it drained but I would appreciate any more details about draining the KGB. I've read about removing the center section of the floor to get at the hoses for the KGB bag?

Going back to the engine (LTR). I have read about drain plugs in the exhaust manifolds. I could not find any removable plugs in the exhaust manifolds, I assume the quick coupled drain hoses do what's necessary to drain the manifolds.

Draining the mufflers? Mine is an '00. I don't think the '00 had muffler drains, couldn't find any, so it must not.

Thanks for reading this long winded post! Just trying to tie it all together and avoid any freezing.

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