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Old 12-29-2013, 04:43 PM
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Originally Posted by JimN View Post
Each admin steps on it as they figure out exactly how much attention we pay to what they're doing, but this one is making the rest look like amateurs. This is the reason I said, when the '08 campaigning started, that I don't like Obama's involvement with Constitutional Law. I didn't trust him then and I trust him less, now. He appointed people to cabinet posts without vetting, he has allowed Eric Holder to perjure himself and lie on a regular basis, HE has lied, he lied his butt off regarding the IRS, Benghazi and many other situations that cost the lives of US officials and members of our military. His disdain for all things American is obvious, yet many don't/can't bring themselves to see this. People are leaving the country when they retire in ever-greater numbers because they can't afford to do it here. They fudge the numbers to make employment state look better than they are, inflation is far greater than they state and soon, the dollar will be close enough to worthless that my suspicion of them changing the currency looks like it could happen.
Amazing... I guess I picked a bad day to stop drinking.. - oops wrong thread again...
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Old 12-29-2013, 04:44 PM
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Originally Posted by mikeg205 View Post
Amazing... I guess I picked a bad day to stop drinking.. - oops wrong thread again...
No, it's the right thread.
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