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Old 10-14-2013, 05:57 AM
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Watch sears...can usually get 30% off for all on large purchase, incl already on sale items. Was cheapest for us when we built and got all Kenmore Elite. We went and picked all of it out and they told us when the next 30% sale was to come and complete the purchase

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Old 10-14-2013, 06:18 AM
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A house like that (nice), Why not have kitchens on each level?

A few ideas...

- look at buying one of the fridges above, but also add fridge drawers in the cabinets.


- dishwasher drawers, or if you go traditional with a single drop down door, then mount it up off the floor, up a pot drawer under it. Same reason washer and dryers are now a foot or so off the floor, it's easier on your back.


- if you have central vac, add one of these...


Finally, I'd put some thought into coffee makers and being able to auto feed, like an ice maker, with water. If you like tea, those side sink steamers seem to be accident prone, I wouldn't add one. Kids try to wash their hands with them.
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Old 10-14-2013, 06:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Retoxtony View Post
I would recommend staying away from Electrolux. I had a nasty experience with their warranty dept that i wouldnt wish on anyone. Bought a $2000 stove/range and right out of the box one burner wouldnt work. Took 8 months of phone calls till they would repair it. I even offered to return the stove to the store on my time and dime to speed things along and they refused. No idea why but they insisted that it had to be repaired in my home. In the end they did fix it and we're pretty happy with it now but i'm definitely soured to the brand.

We do love our LG fridge though.
Our first fridge was LG. Took 3 tries to deliver a working one. That one was nice enough for the five years it lasted. Wouldn't go there again.
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Old 10-14-2013, 08:17 AM
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Having just been thru this I can tell you what I did that worked for us.
I had my wife go out and find the appliances she liked/wanted and we looked at the ratings via Consumer Reports to see how they faired. Once she selected the specific models, I simply spent a rainy afternoon watching a football game and surfing the net for the best price available by googling each serial number. I had a pad of paper and just wrote down the top 2 prices I found, regardless of where they were but trying to stick with a name location. In many cases the prices I found thru Sears at the time were the best because they were running a big sale that happened to end at midnight that night. So, after I compiled my info I walked into Lowes, talked to the sales rep, gave him my price sheet and said can you beat these and if so I will buy them today. After he came back with his prices, having beat each one of the lowest I found, I then asked how much lower it would go if I bought a second set of appliances for the house we were moving out of (had to replace them anyways to make the home more appealing for sale), and naturally the price came down a bit farther.

So, even without buying the second set of appliances I was very happy with the prices Lowes put together and they stored them until I was ready for delivery.
Our appliances are:
Wall oven: GE (electric) (could not justify the upcharge for the gas version)
Range: 6 burner GE convection (gas)
Microwave: Samsung
Fridge: Samsung

Hope this helps and good luck.
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Old 10-14-2013, 08:53 AM
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If you go electric smooth cooktop, don't get white. Gets dirty fast and hard to clean. We are learning that one now.
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Old 10-14-2013, 09:10 AM
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LM - Location, Sandy Creek, Smith Mountain Sub divsion

go through the narrows, around all the islands to the main opening and turn 45 degrees left go around the single island, its on the left about 6 houses up. Its beside the dock that has the 10 foot light house.
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Old 10-14-2013, 10:30 AM
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Cooking things - wolf/Viking -gas
Fridge - Thermadore/ subzero
Dishwasher - Bosch/kitchenaid

Don't build a nice home like that then cheap out on the appliances.
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Old 10-14-2013, 11:09 AM
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If you and your wife haven't discovered Houzz yet (http://houzz.com/), it's worth a look, especially for ideas on high-end houses.
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Old 10-14-2013, 11:14 AM
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Originally Posted by H2ORidr View Post
I gotta ask why two microwaves?

I will admit that we have two dishwashers (Miele) and I cannot image life without two dishwashers. One in the island and one in the side counter. Have a big bunch of people over for a party and need to clean up, they all go in and in a short order they are done! The Miele dishwashers have a solenoid in the supply line so that if the DW is not pulling power they water is cut off. There also is a tray built into the bottom of the DW and if water gets on it the DW shuts off. Our's triggered once and it worked flawlessly. They guarantee no leaks.

We love our counter depth SubZero freezer. Wolf and SubZeros are made in the USA and they make a big point to use a lot of US sourced materials and components. We had stainless steel appliances for 3 years and hated the chore of keeping the clean (I live with a neat freak or two) and so we went with wood panels when I remodeled our kitchen. We also have Miele double ovens and love them. If you can't cook in Miele double ovens you need to hang it up. LOL
We're in the middle of our construction too and I have a pile of appliances sitting in my garage. I'd love to finally get them installed!

Anyways, from my research, I came up with some of the following items.

Sub-Zero fridge. We have a new stainless steel 48" and a used panel ready 48". I'm likely going to sell both of them and get a new, panel ready 48". My wife and I are feeling like the SS will be trendy, pick up fingerprints, and also scream "Look, here's our SS fridge!" With it being such a large piece in the kitchen, blending into the cabinetry is more important. Because these fridges are so big and "HEAVY", I would rather start with a brand new one for longevity.

We do also have a Sub-Zero drawer fridge and hope that goes well.

Wolf- Again, we have two from a store closing. A six burner gas, and a 4 burner with grill. I think that the grill will be sold and the 6 burner installed. I just don't think using a dedicated grill is worth it inside and would rather have 6 burners.

Viking - I think I'd stay away. A lot of complaints about their components lately and it sounds like service is also a nightmare.....especially their fridges. Also, my dad has the 48" Viking Mack Daddy. We've cooked pancakes and bacon on his griddle. What I noticed is the heat is definitely uneven!!

We will also have 2 DW's and have been set on the Kitchen-Aid. However, I am definitely curious about the Miele ones. Any further reasoning here? I know they cost a little more than KA.

Hood vents - I listened to Wolf and Viking.....and they are really loud (even on low settings). The Vent-a-hood is definitely quiet but doesn't look like a traditional baffle type vent. I've listened and looked at "Imperial" and they look to be on my short list.

Kitchen Cabinets - We are NECK deep in this decision right now! So exhausting!

We've looked at the following:
Crystal - Definitely high quality and well build. But about 15%-20% higher.
Starmark - Second place in quality. Really like them too but just a hair below in quality than the Crystal.
Koch - Next in line and pretty decent quality.
Woodland - We are now looking into this right now (mainly because of color than anything). We have a cheaper line of Woodland in our current house (MDF, 1/2" sides, 1/8" back) but hoping they may have a nicer line/higher quality.

We are aiming for full plywood boxes, full extension drawers and soft close on everything.

Just where we are at in our process.......
- Jeff

1994 205, LT1
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Old 10-14-2013, 12:27 PM
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Originally Posted by madcityskier View Post
Our first fridge was LG. Took 3 tries to deliver a working one. That one was nice enough for the five years it lasted. Wouldn't go there again.
It's luck of the draw IMO. Just like automobiles and insurance companies. Just depends which one is a bigger pos on a given day.
I happen to get a ridiculous discount on GE through my company so that's all I buy.
But I'd say do like jk ski and shop the crap out of the prices.
Personally I've had good luck with GE too. Got a pair of washers and dryers that get the tar beat out of them with 2 boys in the house. Those things do about 10 loads each a week. Mud, rocks, grease, whatever doesn't make it out of their pockets. 6 plus yrs and going strong knock on wood. GE fridge that is close to 20 years old. Been moved around the county 10 times. Laid on its side for days. Subjected to 110 deg and -10 deg temp swings in the garage. Had a bad squeak for years that would only stop by kicking the door! Door is all dented up but no squeak now for the last cpl yrs and still works great. Ice maker and all.
One thing to note. Subzero or at least the Kitchenaid branded sz fridges have an 11 year warranty. I only know that because mine crapped out at just under 11 years and when ordering a new compressor I was informed of it. Instead I called a service guy who found almost every moving part in the unit to need replacement. So I now have an essentially new fridge for about $400. No warranty hassles. Speaks good for their warranty service anyway.
'06 X2 MCX

"I understand why some people may not want to do this the way I have recommended but I can't understand the death grip some people have on a toilet plunger with a hose fitting." -JimN
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