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Old 10-09-2013, 10:21 AM
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Search for years around 58, you might have luck with that as well.
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long shots

Originally Posted by Hoosier Bob
She always misses me and when I turn her on it is hard to turn her off! She is MC and she completes me! She is the first ride that wants it as much as I do!
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I will forward this info to my friend who is in the Corvette Club. The more people that know the better!

I would contact the Corvette Club Of America. Have a article posted on there website/club magazine.
also email http://bringatrailer.com/ have them post some info on that website. This info must get out to the car collectors so it will make it harder for the thiefs to try to sell the car!

Goodluck and keep us updated!
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Originally Posted by pmkkdx View Post
scott, no one other than immediate family knew it was back out there since May 2012. My dad (now deceased) told some of his local friends 10+ years ago about it and I had one of them contact me the day before the above picture was taken asking if I still had it and if I was interested in selling to a guy that professionally restored old cars out of San Antonio. I told him I still had it but it wasn't for sale. He said oh well, this guy would love to see it and that if I didn't mind, he would take him out there. I said no, it's not for sale and not interested in him trespassing to "look at it". I did agree to meet with them and show them the car which is why I know it was #s matching as they went thru it with a fine tooth comb, said he had an investor looking for an old C2 vette to restore but would need to show him pictures and discuss that evening on a price, to which I repeated it was not for sale! He said everything is for sale at the right price! He called back the next evening asking if I had figured out a price ... no, it's not for sale! my dad found the car and I plan on restoring with my son when we both have the time, as I had been saving the $$$ to make a good dent in the restoration. He offered anyway which I declined.

After thinking about it, I decided it best to move immediately to be on the safe side. The next morning is when the above picture was taken as I moved it to my mom's warehouse in town where it was locked inside all covered up ... there it remained there until my mom passed and we had to clear out the shop for new tenants to take over (at which time I moved back to the barn, ~2 years later).

I have heard of reports of other break ins into homes in the general area (+/-10 miles) but never had any issues since there really is nothing of value (other than my well hidden vette).

I have passed names & contact info for the local guy that was "friends" with my dad and the guy from San Antonio that did all the numbers research.

yes, I agree, someone had to know it was there since they had to have the right equipement to cut the lock, a trailer/tow truck and winch. Hopefully someone in the area saw it being moved/transferred (we have made up fliers that will get distributed around the area this weekend and a big banner hung up with description and contact info).
After reading this story about the pushy guy that professionally restored old cars out of San Antonio.I would be passing his info to the police dept.
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Old 10-10-2013, 11:09 AM
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I really really hope that this is one of those Chip Foose kind of pranks where it comes back completely frame off restored and the joke is on you.

Someone knew it was there and came to get just that item. As mentioned they could have trespassed and found it, to later come back and take it. They could have herd from word of mouth that your ranch was hiding such an item etc, as mentioned before.


Your wife is playing some kind of sick prank on you.

I'll keep an eye out in dfw area but more than likely such a rare car is inside a car hauler, not on a flat bed or wrecker.

The numbers matching part can possibly help but only if it was stolen and the thief sells a big ticket item. I would also see if there is any swap meets in the area. See if you may find a fender or a piece or two from that car. I just don't see this vehicle being sold as whole. I would also make sure that Texas department of motor vehicles knows, so that a salvage title or some kind of monkey business can't happen to it in the future. Vettes are very well documented.

Was the lock cut or missing?

How old is your son? Old enough to drive out to the ranch for a highschool party and someone sees it and then tells others who would want it?

The pushy guy seems weird. Check into him, I wouldn't necessarily accuse him but check into him. No one likes being accused or blamed for something they didnt do.

I hope it's all a scheme to get you all riled up and your wife is going along with some kind of prank.
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Originally Posted by Thrall View Post
"Heavy" beer is for wine drinkers that are too embarrassed to drink wine in front of their buddies. "Light" beer is a drinkin' man's beer!
Originally Posted by thatsmrmastercraft View Post
If you want bling like the big dawgs, ya gotta lift your leg a little higher.....
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I also would start questioning your dad's friend who seems to be telling everyone about a car that doesn't belong to him!
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Old 10-10-2013, 04:15 PM
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Yep, all contact information for everyone I can possibly think of that might have known has been passed along to several law enforcement agencies around central Texas, posted on multiple people's Facebook pages and broadly shared, various other types of forums similar to here. A co-worker is also big into classic cars and frequents shows, auctions, speed shops, restoration shops, various auto clubs and has a very broad range of contacts in that industry that has passed along similar information to get word out.

Lock was left there and definitely cut using bolt cutters Ö which I found really odd that they didnít cut the chain which is much milder steel.

Other ideas of possibilities that have popped into my head (some a pretty good stretch) have been documented and sent to various LE Auto Task Forces to dig into.

My son is 29 and almost as distraught over the loss as me as that was our future project. He is posting information around forums similar to me getting the word out that he frequents.

I am doing all that I know that I can do so far and hopefully LE is on the lookout across the state as well. We made up fliers and got a 3x6 foot banner made in hopes someone saw it being transported around the area and will be posting fliers in post offices, area business and door to door within a 10 mile radius. Someone had to see it being moved, unless they had an enclosed trailer which would be very out of place in this extremely rural area.

But yes, it would be nice that if in a few weeks/months a camera crew shows up from Pimp My Ride or similar as a surprise Ö Iíd definitely take that kind of joke in stride!!! But not holding my breath though.

Part of the reason I havenít been around here as much lately as most of any of my free time is doing various searches looking any hints, calling local rod shops, documenting additional info, etc.

Thanks for all the inputs as some have sparked new ideas and paths to follow up on!!! Keep your eyes peeled, it is greatly appreciated!!!
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Old 10-10-2013, 05:07 PM
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A theft like this is lower than low. Here's hoping that the person/people who took your car get exactly what's coming to them. Or a crowbar to the face. I'd be ok with either one.
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Old 10-10-2013, 06:20 PM
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Originally Posted by gotta_ski View Post
A theft like this is lower than low. Here's hoping that the person/people who took your car get exactly what's coming to them. Or a crowbar to the face. I'd be ok with either one.
I think even getting both, justice wouldn't be served.
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Old 10-10-2013, 08:43 PM
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I sent your image of the Vette to my brother-in-law in LA. He is the producer of Overhaulin' and knows a ton of guys in the collector car world. You have a bunch of eyes out there looking.
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