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Old 09-23-2013, 11:28 PM
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There are two ways to fog:
1. Pull the plugs, spray the fogging oil into each cylinder, put the plugs back in.
2. Start the engine, spray the fogging oil down the throat of the carburetor until the engine dies. Don't do it when your neighbors are home, because someone will call the fire department.

The second way looks like what jgraham was doing, and appears to be not recommended for some engines.

Just to cause some controversy, I wouldn't turn over the engine after fogging through the plug holes. If you turn over the engine after spraying the fogging oil, the rings are going to scrape all the fogging oil off the cylinder walls and deposit it on/near the heads. Some will run back to the lowest point of the cylinder, but I don't think you have full protection inside the cylinders. I suppose if you wanted to be compulsive, you could fog the cylinder, rotate the engine to get the fogging oil in contact with the rings (and perhaps a very thin film below the rings), then fog again to make sure the cylinder walls are coated, put the plugs in and roll it into the garage.

Or you could live in Phoenix and simply not worry about problems caused by humidity.

1998 Maristar 200VRS
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Old 10-14-2013, 12:29 PM
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1998 MC with 5.7

Hi...I'm new to boat ownership and just purchased a like new 98. I just tucked my boat away after doing a thorough winterization. I pulled the plugs and sprayed engine fogger into the cylinders and replaced the plugs with new plugs. Is that enough or should I pull the safety lanyard and turn the engine over? I also changed the fuel filter and changed all the fluids and of course drained the water from the appropriate locations. While cleaning the boat I found another fuel filter on top of my gas tank. A little research and I found out mC used a power steering filter at this location in 98. I called skidim and was told I could just use the identical filter that I had replaced on the engine. Has anyone else run into this and do u think I will be ok with the new filter that is not identical? Also I'm changing the location of the filter so it's easier to get to next winter. I'm moving it to the rear of the boat in the bilge area and it won't be in water. I also ordered it with barbed fitting so I can use hose clamps since it's between the tank and fuel pump...does this sound ok? Also, we live in hayden, Idaho and keep our boat on Hayden Lake. I can't believe at 56 years old we waited this long to get a boat...we surf no rope behind it and what a blast.
Thanks, Larry
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