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Originally Posted by uplander View Post
do you guys put grease or anti seize on the threads of the studs before putting lugs back on.

If you can find a local bearing house they can set you up with new seals for your hubs also, local auto parts store should have seal also. I brought mine in and they matched it for me.

Also make sure to use the proper weight of oil when you fill them back up
I always use anti-seize on my lug nuts, apply only to the threaded portion of stud and make sure none is on the hub face or wheel and torque to oem specs, I have many years of use on several different vehicles and trailers and have never had one problem. Some folks are against the use of an anti-seize saying it causes nuts to loosen over time, well I have never experienced that including numerous customer vehicles I've applied to over the years. Permatex 765-1674 it even says for use on lug nuts.
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