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Old 09-07-2013, 09:57 AM
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What trailers are under these boats? I had a single axle under my X1 and it was fine but also only trailered 30 minutes each way. People sometimes dont consider the trailer when comparing the value and price difference.
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Old 09-07-2013, 09:59 AM
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this 06 X2 may be in your price range.

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Old 09-07-2013, 11:45 AM
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Yea, I need to remember to be patient. I really haven't found a boat yet, that as soon as I saw it I thought that it could be the one. The closest that I have come is to the X2 that I saw at a dealer this week. The boat was pretty much everything that I wanted except it did not have perfect pass and the engine had over 500 hours on it. They were asking $43K, which I thought was way too high.

Trailers - Definitely agree on trailers being a big factor. I probably check them out as much as I do the boat. The trailer on the boat that I have now was a mess. I spent a ton of time straightening that thing out, so I definitely pay attention to that. I just looked at a 2004 X-Star this week and the trailer was a disaster. I walked away from that one.

That boat in Austin is pretty much exactly what I want. Thanks for that link. Texas is just a long way from Virginia. I do have a friend in Austin, so I may keep that in mind. If anybody comes across any other boats, please let me know.
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Old 09-07-2013, 01:53 PM
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No problem. You probably will have more luck looking for used Maristar 210's than X10's. The X10 wasn't a super popular boat. Most people looking during those times went with the x1/XStar /205v for the wake performance. People looking at buying the X10 wanted it as a family boat and were usually opting for less options and a classier look than the X10 decals and standard options. So hence why the Maristar 210 is bit more popular. Keep an eye out and be patient. Not sure what you end price range but you can find great deals if you are patient. I would also encourage you to think about travel ending for the right boat. Obviously that will factor in the cost but traveling to a more populated warm climate give you more options and more competitive pricing.

That 43k on an 06 x2 with 500 hrs is a bit steep if you ask me.
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Old 09-07-2013, 04:58 PM
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Originally Posted by swatguy View Post
The x1 is also known as the 205v and the original Xstar. It's had a proven pro caliber wake, great v drive ski wake( not that that is a concern for you as mentioned) and it surfs average at best. Hands down of all the boats you mentioned it has the primo wakeboard wake. Compared to the others you mention, the X2 and X10 , the x1 is tiny and fills up fast in space. It has the old school tight comp boat feel. 8 adults on a regular basis is going to make it seem like a sardine can. Drives like a Ferarri loaded up and empty though. It really is a joy to drive.

In 2006 the X2 was redesigned. So make sure you are looking at 2006 and up X2's. The 2005 X2 is the same exact boat that was re badged the x1 in 2006. The X2 is te same length as the X1 only it has a pickle fork bow and is much wider. It has twice the room of the X1 it seems like inside yet it's the same length. The X2 wakeboard wake is a step below the X1. It is a bit rampier and has a little less transition than the X1. It's a solid wake though for sure tht will satisfy any intermediate rider. The surf wake in the X2 is above average in a sub 21 ft boat. The attitude adjustment plate def helps. If the boat doesn't have it, it's very easy to add. If you plan on boarding and surfing I highly recommend getting it installed. The boat doesn't have tracking fins so loaded up with extra ballast and a full crew a strong rider can be felt back there. Someone who really edges had will cause the driver to make some small adjustments. At the intermediate level you probably won't notice. It just doesn't track nearly as straight in as the X1.

The X10/Maristar 210 is a very wide open boat. It's more of a family friendly boat for entertaining. The wakeboard wake in the 10 is going to be the most mellow out of all three. It really needs weight to sink it down. Even then the wake is really rampy. I can't comment on the surf wake from personal experience , but from what others here and on other boards have said is that it's very similar in ability to the x2. The x10/ Maristar 210 is the biggest size wise out of the 3 on paper. The cockpit area is a bit larger than the X2 but the x2 has just a bit bigger bow area. This boat also does not have tracking fins , but it does have a bit deeper v entry to keep it on track. It handles decent.

So since you are in the 8 people range on occasions I would discount the X1/205v. It really gets tight. However if you really wanted a pro caliber wakeboard wake it would be the best out of all 3. Performance wise I think the X2 edges out the X10 for the sports you are looking for. However the X10 has the extra space. They are very close in room even though the x10 is a bit bigger, the X2 feel inside isn't far off. I think the extra performance from the X2 makes it a winner but that is where you have to get in both and see which one feels better.

The standard RTP 310 engine is plenty for any one of these boats. It's torque curve is almost identical to the MCX in the lower surf and wakeboard speeds. If you skied you would notice a difference at the top end above 30mph for sure with the 330hp MCX pulling away. As mentioned though up to around 25- 27mph the boats will perform perfectly with the right prop and the standard 310hp engine.
Nicely done Swatguy! You know your stuff. I'll keep u in mind if and when I upgrade. I said I would never store another boat outside again. Mine barely fits in the garage with no more than 2" on each side of the fenders. It's a relief knowing its inside out of the weather for free.
I agree, I don't think you/Blavkhawk should limit yourself to a certain area. If you are willing to purchase outside your area you have a far better chance in finding the boat you want at a descent price. Think of it as an adventure! Good luck Blackhawk! I'm sure you will find the right boat!
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Old 09-07-2013, 08:05 PM
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some good points above for sure

My last boat was an 05 x-2 205v, and I sold my 2001 x-10 to buy the 205v. My neighbor has the pickle x-2 so I think I have a pretty good handle on the three models you're looking at.

I guess it really boils down to what you want the boat to do. I think there was a mention of 8 people in the boat. Having owned a boat for something like 17 years now you always think you'll have more people in the boat then what you average. It can sometimes be much harder to get people on the boat then they think. 8 people in the boat everytime sucks anyways, 30-40% of time is ok. So first question is are you really going to have 8 everytime you go out or is the real number probably going to 4-6 people?

Here's how i rank them. my opinion only 1 being poor, and 5 being great.

205v 3, it's not bad, 4-6 is a great number 8 is doable sometimes 10 you want to do once a summer
x-10, 4, slightly wider then the 205v and it's got probably a foot more room in the cockpit, can maybe get 5-7 comfortable 8-9 doable sometimes and it's like don't need to fill up as much ballast in the 205v as the pickle x-2.
x-2, 4 for a 20 foot boat it has an amazing amout of space, 5-7 comfortable, 8-9 doable but still 10 is a stretch....

205v 3.5
x-10 4
x-2 3

To get the x-2 to anything remotely rideable you need to fill every nook and cranny with ballast taking away most of the storage. That's why i actually think you have less storage in it then the 205v

surf wake
205v, 3.5, nice hard port wake with the right ballast set up. Starboard is ok if your 100-175 lbs, the 200 lbers can't surf very well
x-10, 4, slightly bigger port side wave but softer so it's really more of a wash, starboard side surfs not to bad if doing a big arc
x-2 4, surfs well on the port side and has a good enough wave on the starboard side where everyone should be able to surf, if you're doing a arc

wakeboard wake
205v 5, this was the original x-star and still has one of the premier wakes. You don't need a ton of extra wake to make it deadly. We sold our x-10 cause this is the wake we wanted

x-10, 3.5 it's not bad size, and shape, a little bit rampy with a small lip, little softer then the 205v so you don't get quite the pop.

x-2 1.5, sorry but i just don't think it has a wakeboard wake that's fun to ride. so much better out there if you want a boat where you wakeboard tons.

What's your priority? When i traded in my x-10 for the 205v it was for the wakeboard wake. It did everything else well enough, which is the reason i held on to the boat for 6 years or so. We love our x-25 but we still compare everything about the new boat to the 205v.

Knowing what i know now, and given the the three choices it would be as follows if you wakeboard more then you surf
1) 205v hands down no question about it
2) x10
3) x-2 pickle

1) x-10
2) x-2 pickle pretty much a tie with the x-10 with a slight nod to the x-10
3) 205v one less person and a starboard wake that's so close but not quite as good as the other two.... not that the x-10 x-2 surf wakes are earth shattering to begin with on the starboard side.

overall equal waiting given to wakeboarding, surfing, and space
1 205v cause well the wakeboard wake is just so much better then the other two
2) x-10

I think the only way I could rank the x-2 higher is if the x-10 was older and the x-2 newer.

again my opinion, but there's a reason why the 205v is still so popular. when i sold my boat this spring, i advertised for one day on kijiji and it was sold for basically list.
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Old 09-07-2013, 11:10 PM
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Swatguy and Bambamski - Thanks for the great write ups. Right now, I have a 2008 Stingray with an inboard/outdrive, so I can't surf at all. I am pretty equal between wanting to surf and wakeboard. If I can get to the point of clearing the wake, maybe a grab, and hopefully a 360, that is all that I would ask of my wake. For surfing, the fanciest I ever plan to get is doing a 360spin.

I go out with 8 people about 40% of the time. But those 8 are typically 4 adults and 4 kids that are 13 and under. My Stingray is 19.5 feet, so the 8 people are OK. It wouldn't be bad at all if I had any storage. I have nearly zero storage with 8 people on there, if I just had a tower that would at least get the wakeboards off the floor.
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Old 09-07-2013, 11:41 PM
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I was going to tell you guys about my bad experiences so far traveling to look at boats. First trip that I took was 3-1/2 hours away to look at a Moomba LSV. Boat was pretty much as described, but had a decent oil leak on the bottom end. The guy didn't even wash or clean the boat before I got there. Guy was pretty much a jerk to me.

Second trip was 2-1/2 hours away, got there and the boat had a different state on its hull ID than what was in the pictures that the guy sent to me. I said, "did you recently move?". He said "no, I took those pictures 2-1/2 years ago when I bought the boat". Of course, those two years were not good to the boat. Looked about 75% of what it did from the pictures.

Third trip was 5-1/2 hours away. 2004 X-star that looked mint condition in the pictures. Learned my lesson this time and asked the guy right off when the pictures were taken. He tells me that he took them last summer. Get there and the boat and especially, the trailer were a mess. Boat had faded gel coat, scratches all over it, dime sized ding into the fiberglass. Interior was filthy, dirty Kleenex in the cup holder, an old AA battery with some odd screws laying in the floor, hinges broken, and old drinks still in the cooler. Trailer had all kinds of small rusty spots, bunk carpet was pitiful, bunk boards were crushed in places, every bunk bolt was loose or about to fall out. He had just put new tires on the boat, too bad they were Wal-Mart car tires. One tire already had a golf ball size bulge in the sidewall. So, I have a bad taste in my mouth on that one, 11 hours of driving, burnt day of vacation, and out $165 in gas money. The guy said he owned the boat for 7 years, pretty sure he took the pictures the day he bought it.

I don't want to be a jerk buyer but I think I am going to have to ask these sellers to take pictures with a current newspaper or magazine in the shot, so I know they were taken recently.
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Old 09-07-2013, 11:58 PM
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Daum that will pretty much take the wind out if my sails as well. Keep at it. Now you know some key things to ask on the phone anyways.
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My 2 cents. Stay patient through the winter. I ended up with a pretty good deal on my 06 X1 with under 300 hours. It had every thing we need on it too. I will tell you that these boats are for sale all over the state of TX. There are plenty of people on here that will take a look at boats for you to get a feel if it is worth the drive. I know I don't mind going to look if you find one around east TX just let me know.
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