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Old 09-06-2013, 10:06 PM
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differences in X1, X2, and X10 models

I have been looking hard for a boat for the past 6 weeks. With my budget, I have zeroed in at 2006 vintage boats. Those being the X1, X2, or X10. I pulled up the 2006 owner's manual on the website and the specs on the X1 and X10 are very similar. The manual gives hardly no specs on the X2. What are the main differences on these boats as far as design and intended uses? On any of these 3 should I have no less than the 350 MCX engine?

Just to tell you about what I need. I have a family of 4, two boys in middle school. We mainly want to be able to wakeboard and surf. None of us ski. We want to advance to intermediate level boarders and surfers. I won't be turning pro at 40. We really don't care about cruising around. If we are not doing watersports, we usually anchor in a cove to relax and swim. When friends come with us, we usually have a total of 8 people on the boat. So, I want to be to surf and wakeboard with 8 on the boat and still have room for all our stuff.

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Old 09-06-2013, 10:29 PM
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first I don't know anything about the older x-10.

in re: to engine, I have a 07 X2 with the rtp 310 hp and run 2000+ ballast and have no issues getting on plane. I am sure you will here many ideas on this one as I did. but the mcx is much prettier!

I do have friends who own (we'll call it the most current X1) used to be called xstar then X2 then X1.

Pros X1- awesome wakeboard wake!!!!
Nice boat that has a hull that is proven!
Cons- limited seating, no great in choppy conditions and from what I know surf wake so so.

Pros X2- probably better surf wake between the two with extra ballast, seating for you crew. handles chop great. wakeboard wake good with extra ballast (but not as good as the X1). wakeboard wake on the X2 is wider than that of the X1
Cons- more $$$

just my input.
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Old 09-06-2013, 10:31 PM
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If i remember correctly, the x10 only has like 2 more cubic feet of storage than the x2. However, it is a longer boat so it may have more butt space. Then again, the pickle fork on the x2 seems to have better butt space in the bow. My vote is X2, but I have not spent any time in a x10.
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Old 09-06-2013, 10:49 PM
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That generation X10 was a Maristar 210 hull so you can add that boat to your searches for wake quality info.

I don't have first hand experience with any of them but I agree with Bama. I would look at a pickle fork X2 as my first choice for all around wake and interior space, X1 second for the legendary wakeboard wake, and the X10 would be my last choice of those three.

If we were talking brand new 2013-14 boats that new X10 looks really, really nice in that size range. But we're not.
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Old 09-06-2013, 11:44 PM
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The x1 is also known as the 205v and the original Xstar. It's had a proven pro caliber wake, great v drive ski wake( not that that is a concern for you as mentioned) and it surfs average at best. Hands down of all the boats you mentioned it has the primo wakeboard wake. Compared to the others you mention, the X2 and X10 , the x1 is tiny and fills up fast in space. It has the old school tight comp boat feel. 8 adults on a regular basis is going to make it seem like a sardine can. Drives like a Ferarri loaded up and empty though. It really is a joy to drive.

In 2006 the X2 was redesigned. So make sure you are looking at 2006 and up X2's. The 2005 X2 is the same exact boat that was re badged the x1 in 2006. The X2 is te same length as the X1 only it has a pickle fork bow and is much wider. It has twice the room of the X1 it seems like inside yet it's the same length. The X2 wakeboard wake is a step below the X1. It is a bit rampier and has a little less transition than the X1. It's a solid wake though for sure tht will satisfy any intermediate rider. The surf wake in the X2 is above average in a sub 21 ft boat. The attitude adjustment plate def helps. If the boat doesn't have it, it's very easy to add. If you plan on boarding and surfing I highly recommend getting it installed. The boat doesn't have tracking fins so loaded up with extra ballast and a full crew a strong rider can be felt back there. Someone who really edges had will cause the driver to make some small adjustments. At the intermediate level you probably won't notice. It just doesn't track nearly as straight in as the X1.

The X10/Maristar 210 is a very wide open boat. It's more of a family friendly boat for entertaining. The wakeboard wake in the 10 is going to be the most mellow out of all three. It really needs weight to sink it down. Even then the wake is really rampy. I can't comment on the surf wake from personal experience , but from what others here and on other boards have said is that it's very similar in ability to the x2. The x10/ Maristar 210 is the biggest size wise out of the 3 on paper. The cockpit area is a bit larger than the X2 but the x2 has just a bit bigger bow area. This boat also does not have tracking fins , but it does have a bit deeper v entry to keep it on track. It handles decent.

So since you are in the 8 people range on occasions I would discount the X1/205v. It really gets tight. However if you really wanted a pro caliber wakeboard wake it would be the best out of all 3. Performance wise I think the X2 edges out the X10 for the sports you are looking for. However the X10 has the extra space. They are very close in room even though the x10 is a bit bigger, the X2 feel inside isn't far off. I think the extra performance from the X2 makes it a winner but that is where you have to get in both and see which one feels better.

The standard RTP 310 engine is plenty for any one of these boats. It's torque curve is almost identical to the MCX in the lower surf and wakeboard speeds. If you skied you would notice a difference at the top end above 30mph for sure with the 330hp MCX pulling away. As mentioned though up to around 25- 27mph the boats will perform perfectly with the right prop and the standard 310hp engine.

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Old 09-07-2013, 01:05 AM
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Swatguy is spot on. I've spent an extensive amount of time in a 2007 x2, and I own a 205v hull (X1). The 2006+ x2 has a lot more interior space. The interior is deeper and wider that the x1 shortened the sundeck, and it makes the boat feel huge compared to the x1. The x2 has a better surf wake, but not as good of a wakeboard wake. If I was in your situation, I would definitely look for a 2006 x2. The base engine is fine. We were running over 3000lbs in the x2 with the rtp engine and an upgraded prop.
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Old 09-07-2013, 06:52 AM
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We're finishing up our 5th season with out 07 X2 and couldn't be happier. Had a 03 X1 for a season after moving from a 95 200 MariStar. Wife loved the MariStar and was so disappointed with the storage (hard tanks took up way to much space in back compartments), interior space and ride that I was ordered to find another boat.

The X2 or 200 MariStar in my boat's trim package has a great lay out, tons of storage and is a very comfortable boat in varying boating conditions. It's a great surf boat for it's size, a solid wakeboard boat but not so hot as a slalom boat. You can slalom ski it but if you're used to a Pro Star or any boat in that class you won't be happy with the wake. I had the RTP in both the X1 and X2 and for surfing/wakeboarding never felt either boat was in the slightest way underpowered. As stated above the MCX is much prettier though.

From a dollar perspective I've found that if you buy right any additional money you spend on a good MasterCraft you'll get back when you sell. That is if you take care of it like most of us do on this site.

Good luck finding the right boat for you.
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Old 09-07-2013, 08:21 AM
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I have the 2006 X1. I would only add that the surf wave is probably almost as good on the x1 as the X2. X2 maybe a little longer but not much bigger. I can surf 4-6 feet behind my x1. you will never do big tricks on it but can surf and do 360's. Space is less than the X2 but handling is much better on the X1.
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Old 09-07-2013, 08:36 AM
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Hey, thanks for all the great responses. I have learned a lot. The X2 is the only boat that I have actually got to see in person so far. The interior space looked like it would be plenty for me. The prices on the X2 are around 3 to 4 thousand higher than the X1 or X10 and that is putting them just out of my upper limit on budget. I thought prices would drop a little in September but it doesn't seem like they are coming down.

I have only run across one X10 so far. I haven't went to look at yet. It sounds like there are not many X10s out there from that time period. If anyone else has some personal experience with the X10, please chime in.

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Old 09-07-2013, 08:52 AM
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As with buying any boat be patient. I was looking for a long, long time for an auction on an X2 to come up. As I looked and waited I started to find deals here and there. I ended up getting a 2007 X14 for a fantastic price because #1 the guy was located far away from a lot of buyers and he was in the midst of a divorce and it had to go soon. He also wanted it to go to a family with young kids and photos of my kids in various ski pyramids cemented the deal.

Be patient, it helps.
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