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On the bigger lakes in Northern Michigan where we prefer to ski/boat.. We have to get up super early AM to catch the glass water. Otherwise the bigger lakes turn to rough for skiing. There were times this past August that the mornings were in the low 60's...We enjoyed the glass water and we were warm doing it

Originally Posted by Bert View Post
I used to think that way but as I have aged and have more free time I choose to ski when it is warm That said a ski boat with an open bowno thanks. I prefer my closed bow with carpeted area to keep skis. I hope they offer the boat with out that silly removable bow cover. And why is it so heavy?
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I was just up at mullet lake. Beautiful up there! I need to get a tow next time up!
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I play on Elk and Torch lakes....mostly Elk. It is the Caribbean of the Midwest...

Originally Posted by chriscraftmatt1976 View Post
I was just up at mullet lake. Beautiful up there! I need to get a tow next time up!
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Originally Posted by flya750 View Post
What I did to fix the heater option that never worked since day one .... I had to change where the initial installation took the hot water source for the heater core. I changed the source to come from the engine's water pump. I also replaced the heater core unit with the current Heatercraft 2U model. (More BTU's)
I can't remember.. but I think I may have changed the thermostat values? But then again.. I'm not sure I did.. I might have just went with the MC dealership supplied stock thermos? (with drilled holes) - I wish I could remember what thermos I used but sorry I can't. If you want to PM me.. I can provide more details.. pics.. etc... For some reason the number 160 is sticking in my head.. 160 for the stats? Instead of 148 ? Sorry.. those are just the numbers that are sticking in my head. I can tell you that my boat use to run around ~170 but now runs around a solid ~178. So I very well may have changed the stock Stat values... either way.. the difference in heater function is night and day and I LOVE IT!

BTW.. I'm sure the new Prostar has a heater.. but where is it installed? Venting? The new Heatercraft 2U model I installed in my boat is bigger than the original... and thank goodness it is mounted up under the driver side bow - "out of the way"
To me, having a heater is far more important than EVER using the optional bow seating. That is just the way it is....and it will always be...I'm a close bow bigot and in a way... the more I think about this.. the more I believe MC is sticking it to the CB market.....I mean this new Prostar is a 197 killer... it ROCKS beyond belief if you're looking for a 197 replacement...But if you are a CB junkie...its not so cool...

What is so freaking wrong with MC... building a CB version of this Prostar? I like the open windshield walk through option for a CB. I am not really interested in bow seating... I AM interested in AWESOME seating for the rest of the boat. I really like the sundeck option... but that looks to be gone? right? I am not all that against the pickle fork design if it gives me more storage...and the bow walkway seems to benefit from the pickle fork design.. so again.. I like that design..

I do like the concept of eliminating the optional seating idea and open up that bow storage area and STILL give me that hinged trunk lid option for easy access to my bow storage.. as Easty suggested. Perhaps keep the middle hinged seat so you can get easy access to the plentiful bow storage. That would be a great improvement for a true CB design. Just my .02.
This boat is a closed bow, just happens to have the open bow option built in as well. It's all in how you look at it. To me, this is the best of both worlds. If you just want the CB then don't order seats for the bow, now you have an easy access CB boat instead of crawling under you observer seat, which is extremely uncomfortable and awkward.
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Dang - would love this stable... count 'em - 2 2014 stars...
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...A bad day water skiing still beats a good day at work...1995 Pro Star 205....
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Originally Posted by JMLVMI View Post
I hope the money you pay them counts towards revenues...
The money pay for boats goes back to funding credit system we have going tournaments.
Our program is self funding.
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Originally Posted by Ski-me View Post
A heated seat is not a replacement to the heater; it's an addition. It's been an option for a few years now and have seen them on a number of newer boats here in Colorado......
I have both heated seats and heater in our current boat. We've been out in plenty of sub 50/50 early season mornings. I would say that we use the heated seats ten times more than the vent heater. If given the choice again I'd probably skip the heater option. Maybe if you are riding in weather colder than that the vent system would be preferred, but at that point you are probably sticking the vent in under your sweatshirt anyways.

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ProStar at the PWT
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Zane Schwenk footing behind it
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The (non-existent) wakeboard wake
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Originally Posted by mikeg205 View Post
Dang - would love this stable... count 'em - 2 2014 stars...
DAAAAAAAAANG. That's a lot of boat there.
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Under the observer seat
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