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Old 07-28-2013, 09:50 AM
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Help with my alternator... Please ASAP

Hello I am currently on a vacation in wv with the boat for 2 weeks

I have a 2002 x star with the ltr 330 alternator.

I installed a new alternator due to the old alternator only showing 11.5 volts.

The brand new alternator is doing the same exact thing, this morning I tested all connections with the multimeter.

The alternator had large gauge wire hooked to the positive lug of alternator, ground to ground lug, and also a 2 wire plug.

Can someone tell me what these 2 wires are for and how to determine what is causing my issue? Is it possible the alternator isn't turning on?

Thanks a lot.

I checked voltage at the purple wire on the ignition switch and it correlated to the battery voltage.
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