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Old 07-19-2013, 04:17 AM
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New ballast install for 2000 Xstar

Planning a new install for my 2000 Xstar. Fill time doesn't bother me so likely will go with one Jabsco pump.

Plan as follows:
2 x 450lb Sumo sacs in rear lockers
1 x 300lb Sumo Utilisac in centre locker
400 lbs lead shot under bow

Going down this route, clearly the boat will always have some weight in the bow, I see 2 problems with this -
nose weight on trailer may be too much unless I leave some water in the rear sacks
without any ballast the bow may sit too low in the water for general use. We rarely use the bow area for seating so I am hoping this is not a problem.

Any thoughts on the above, or should I put two smaller sacs up in the bow area instead, meaning I can get a better surf wake with more port or starboard lean, drop the centre sac and put the lead shot there instead.

Appreciate the help.

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Old 07-20-2013, 11:26 PM
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Depending on how far you have to tow the lead may be an issue. The route around this is on ling trips just distribute it around the boat evenly.

I always run 320lbs of lead in my bow under the seats. The boats handles much better with bit weight in the bow. Even when cruising, before I had the lead (pop bags), i always ran with my locker sac full. The boat handles the chop better and rides better with the bit of extra weight up there.
When you put couple people up there though you will want to even it out. Otherwise you will be low riding for sure

That locker will be constantly wet. No matter what you do somehow water always pools in there. Wet bodies ,rain and other wash from waves going into the blower ports on the rear all end up in there I would hesitate on putting sand, lead, or anything that may rust or get nasty in there. A sac really is the only thing. The length is 80 ft. I can't recall the diameter if its 10inch or 12 for the sac .

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