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Old 06-28-2013, 04:25 PM
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I haven't heat molded them yet cause I was told just wearing them over time would accomplish the same thing and that heat molding can accelerate the break down of the bindings. Have way through my runs I'd usually loosen the lower laces to help a little but usually it is too late, I probably need to do this from the start.
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Old 06-28-2013, 06:34 PM
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I heat molded my 2012 Ones, and my right foot sometimes gets a little cramping, but not too bad. I have pretty wide feet, so I'm not sure if that's what the issue is or not. Usually by the time the cramping starts, I'm pretty well done riding so it isn't a big deal for me.
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Old 06-28-2013, 08:49 PM
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I recently switched from Ronix Cells (maybe 2008?) to 2012 Ones... Same size. I found the Cells far more comfortable - easier to get into and softer around the foot without lacking structure and stiffness to control the board. I have had to cut multiple sets short in my Ones due to aching feet and lacking circulation in my foot. To counteract this I've resorted to leave the lower lace almost completely loose. I definitely find the One boot to be tighter fitting and less comfortable than the Cell, which seems very odd given that the Cell is stiffer than the One. I know it is not just a generational thing as my buddy has 2012 Cells that are the same size as my 2008 Cell and 2012 Ones and when I borrow his boots I do not have the same problem.

I quite sure this is a personal preference or individual foot thing - somebody with a different shaped foot may have exactly the opposite problem I do. Point being - try them on carefully before you buy. I didn't and have a lousy match between my boot and foot shape as a result due to assuming the same brand would fit me the same from one model to the next. Apparently that's not true.
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Old 06-29-2013, 01:42 AM
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Originally Posted by deminimis View Post
Wife is working this weekend (I hope). This will allow me to install my secreted away Wet Sounds equipment and new One boots. She probably won't notice the Ones, but I have a sinking feeling she'll notice the Rev10s. As far as boards, might I suggest you get a three-sided coin and consider a Slingshot Lyman too. Oh my frick'n frick do I love that board.
I have tried to ride a Slingshot in several models. The recoil, the response, the reflex and the most recent being the Hooke. Their thin profiles just don't do it for me. For some reason they just feel real floaty under my feet. Their landings are pillow soft I just could not get used to their feel under my foot. The channel system was beefed up and has not had many issues at all in their new beefier channel line. It was the first year they introduced it that had a few more "issues" than Slingshot would have liked.

To answer the foot issues. I think the Cells are much less prone to the lace bite. Their tongue uses a thicker and stiffer material so think that helps in the lace bite/ kink area. The Cell also rides just a bit higher in the cuff are from the hinge point to the top as well if you put it side to side with the One. A few riders in the comps these days run regular shoe laces or hockey laces.

Molding them will not break them down quicker if done properly. If you keep molding them over and over than for sure it will hurt them, but one or two times will have no effect on integrity. It will help get a much better fit. Lot of shops will tell you they will break in just riding. True if you are in 90degree plus heat all day long 4 days a week, but for most heat molding them will speed up the orocess of comfort. Just wear a good sock when you mold them. I also know some of the pros wear socks in their bindings. Murray Byerly and Harf all did . Maybe give that a shot to hepl with the fatigue/sleepy foot syndrome.

Also if you a getting a lot of pressure inside your bindings try rotating them a degree or two in or out depending on the pressure. One notch makes a huge difference believe it or not in some cases.

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