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Old 10-04-2005, 12:56 PM
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AWSA Age Divisions Rating System

I always wondered the different brackets for AWSA tournaments...I'm in Men's 2 but trying to figure out the max speed for my dad who is in Men's 6???

http://www.usawaterski.org/pages/USA-WS%20Profile.htm (loads of other great facts about AWSA)

Twenty of the 24 divisions of competition in 3-event skiing are based on age and sex (see list). The Open Division is divided into men and women and has no age requirement.

Boys and Girls 1 9 years and under*
Boys and Girls 2 12 years and under
Boys and Girls 3 13-16 years inclusive
Men and Women 1 17-24 years inclusive
Men and Women 2 25-34 years inclusive
Men and Women 3 35-44 years inclusive
Men and Women 4 45-52 years inclusive
Men and Women 5 53-59 years inclusive
Men and Women 6 60-64 years inclusive
Men and Women 7 65-69 years inclusive
Men and Women 8 70-74 years inclusive
Men and Women 9 75-79 years inclusive
Men and Women 10 80 years and over

Open Men and Women - any age

* This is an optional division established to give youngsters an introduction to the basics of competitive skiing. Skiers compete only in the slalom and tricks events.

Skiers are rated in each event on the basis of performance that meets or exceeds minimum requirements. USA Water Ski examiners award ratings as: Novice, Third Class, Second Class, First Class, Expert, Master, Exceptional Performance and Open.

Sanctioned tournaments are designated as: Closed (limited to residents within a certain locality or to certain classes or groups of skiers); Open; or Collegiate. All tournaments are further classified as R (record capability tournaments in which world or national records may be set); C (standard local tournaments in which all ratings other than Open may be earned; I (local tournaments which do not meet the requirements of a Class C tournament in which ratings up to and including Expert may be earned; N (novice tournaments primarily for beginning skiers, which allow wide variations from the requirements of the other classifications and in which ratings up to and including Expert may be earned; or F (fun tournaments where only a USA Water Ski safety director and trained driver are necessary).

Tournament classifications can be combined. For example, an R tournament can be run in conjunction with a Class C or other event. A skier cannot ski in more than one class in the same event in the same round at one tournament.
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Old 10-04-2005, 02:44 PM
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34 mph for mens 6.

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