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Appears I already saw it.. Lol
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Originally Posted by 92 190 PS View Post
Actually I was shocked how much bigger the 197 feels than our 190. Two big differences, the first is obvious and that is the kids love the open bow and spend most of the time up there and the second is how much wider the 197 is. Believe the width of the 197 is 92" vs the 190 which was 85". That 7" really makes a big difference in the size of the observer and rear seat, as well as the walk around room. Storage space isn't bad either with the addition of the storage trunk in the rear. My 08 had the MTS and that was the first thing to go when I brought the boat home, as it took up all of the space under the observer seat.

Performance wise, I'm once again pleasantly surprised. Even though the 197 is significantly wider, I would argue the wake on the 197 at 15 off at 30 MPH is as good or better than the 190. We use the boat for everything and my oldest is 12 and with a ballast bag or two has been surfing the 197.

I know it may not be popular on this site and obviously I couldn't bring myself to go away from MC, but I really considered the bigger DD SN's. In my opinion SN's and MC's are one in the same in quality, performance, fit and finish and are some of the best boats on the water.

I would encourage you to drive everything. Cruise, ski and get lots of opinions as you begin your search. Everyone has their top priorities in what they want in a boat and for us and our family's priorities the 197 was/is the best of everything.
I've experienced a 197 with 6 guys onboard and 1-2 on a boombare footing. I was also surprised at how much more room there was. But the extra space, especially in the bow make the 209/x9 that mucho re appealing - Even though the wake is wider and a little taller. My only challenge with the sn dd's is how tiny the spotter's seat is, especially when comparing the 216 to a 01-04 x9 that had the extended bench and the 197. 197s/x7s are certainly still on my list, but fall a little behind a sv-211, and depending on the day of the week, even behind a x10. I know, I'm an infidel to my stick. But, we just evaluated joining a club & keep the 190 or buy a bigger boat. 190 lost.
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