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Originally Posted by jradasaurus View Post
Could you take a few pictures of this or describe it more? I'm considering doing the same. How did you bolt it to the flooring? Are the two welded aluminum parts square? .. and are they interlocked at the center or just welded side by side?
Not easy as its hidden under some noise dampening material, I'll try though in a couple of days. It's a cross welded together at the center, one beam going diagonal from one corner to the opposite and two half beams welded to it at about 90degrees in the middle, going to the other two corners. All of it screwed to the dividing wall on the engine side. No reinforcements on th boat floor nessecary in my case (2012 X-15). I thought of a full U-type profile from front to back in the opening, not just the small original brackets that Kahuna mentioned, but never looked like it's really needed
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Thanks, definitely a project for the spring.
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