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Old 05-09-2013, 09:53 PM
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You ARE the man. That is exactly the info that I have been searching for. It give me, and now others, great insight and information about interiors etc when searching for a boat...
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At some point Maristar dropped that monogram on the vinyl and started to just have the MC star, and then the MC shield. Anyone know what year that was, or what years those changed occurred? Other than the '13 discontinuation of the line, was it just in '12 when the line went from Maristar to V, ie Maristar 200 became V200, or was it 200V?
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Originally Posted by Ryan View Post
Here's my recollection.
'91-93 heat stamps left vinyl vulnerable to cracking and discoloration, thread wasn't UV coated and would pull apart at seams
'94-'97 vinyl was great, quite durable
'98 first year of some visible cost cutting (ahh the dot-com bubble) vinyl went to only one accent color in the prostar line and design was simplified, Maristar went 2-tone beige/lux some had one accent color, and interior grab handles went to plastic (MS basically stayed that way till 01)
'99 seemed to be moderately durable but had little foam padding and looked cheaper (uber cost cutting)
'00 stepped up the luxury level, vinyl seems a little thicker than '99 but pin-stripe stitching left vulnerable perforations
'01-04 vinyl was rather thin, pin-stripe stitching left vulnerable perforations, but the design was sweet at the time and still looks good IMO. From here on, Maristar was virtually the same as ProStar and X, just different monograming. A few of those years had some challenge with a cyanobacteria or fungus turning seats pink.
'05 was substantially thicker and from then on has been more durable. Had a new texture. (cost cutting never to be heard from again)
'06 more new textures
'10 brown vinyl became an option. A Quilted pattern was started and looks great but could be vulnerable down the road.
'11+ a cool neoprene material was added in sections. The stretchy nature of it should help reduce stress on the rest of the vinyl and stitching.

Let me know if I missed a step change.

I only know this for two reasons. I was seriously shopping vinyl styles to borrow design themes for my PS190. And... I seem to retain otherwise completely useless information.

Very impressive list
This forum is amazing with quality people.: I did not think i'd ever own an Inboard. Now I finally have a gorgeous 94 205 I am glad I have ya'll backing me up.
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Originally Posted by 197 TT View Post
I've personally seen an '06 with the splitting/cracking at the stitching same as my '03.
then that's abuse.

if you're diligent about cleaning the vinyl and using some sort of UV inhibitor, it should last awhile if you have anything newer than an 04.
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The vinyl had a thin top coat from 2000- 2005. The problem from that point is the stitches. Not the tread but all the holes the needles create. All the pleats. Dirt, water, oils and just all the crud causes the vinyl too premature aging! They look great on the show room but at what cost?
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