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I would like to start a new thread on INDMAR LTR MOTORS, Anything to do with Indmar LTR MOTORS. Fuel injected TBI, MPFI, CARBURATOR, Northstar Ignition, distributor, fuel systems, fuel pumps, pressure regulators, ECM, fuel injectors.

I have an early '03 with one of the last INDMAR GM VORTEC 330 hp MPFI LTR MOTORS with the Northstar ignition. As of last summer, I think my motor has come down with the fuel pump blues, will not hold pressure at key up, key up on and off up to 5 times to start, can here the pump run, eventually the motor start, takes longer when motor is hot. At this moment the boat is in winter storage..from what I have read, the pump is not holding pressure at the rail, due to check ball in pump and engine had about the average life span of the pump 292hrs.

1. Can I use delphi FE 0299 45psi 27g/hr fuel pump as alternative to stock
2. Can I use a 1995 dodge 40psi fuel pressure regulator as alternative to stock in tank fuel pressure regulator

I have some questions if anyone could help me out with...please chime N.

1. From pump 101...First, is there now an updated version of the pump...for the LTR MOTORS 3 BAR FUEL SYSTEMS (43.5 psi). I see some out for motors with higher psi values

2. Two, I would like to start pump 102 for the Indmar GM Vortec 330 hp MPFI MOTORS for alternative fuel pump, pressure regulators and keep things as close to OEM stock values as possible.

I would like to give credit to past and future members as the information is just from research, and disclaim anything that might be inaccurate, but if you know the correct information please pass it along

Some 3 BAR FUEL requirements of the 330hp LTR GM VORTEC MOTOR

Idle: 36-39 psi
Cruise: 38-42psi
WOT: 40-45
Returnless System 40psi

Can I use a fuel pump that has a rating of 45psi and 27gallons per hour, I did some research and math calculations a 330hp motor would require about 27.5 gallons an hour (hp/12)

A member had found a delphi FE 0299 with about the exact values...was going to use this, if a better pump than old stock was not available.

Second, this particular engine has two fuel pressure regulators, one on rail (with no vacuum hose attached) what pressure value does it hold? 3 bar system, so is it holding around 43? Was just thinking about cleaning the rail and inlet screen.

Third, the pressure regulator on the tank module , is the returnless value correct 40psi? If so another member has found one. (fits 1995 dodge B1500 with bwd, part number 23081. I would not mind buying stock replacement from MasterCraft if one was available, the regulator contains a fuel filter, think you would be able to replace it.

I know fuel injector size has a factor on pump selection, just considering everthing is stock..G

G...could it be any longer...hopefully it is short than pump 101
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