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Originally Posted by f925 View Post
It is too short, and my choke is hooked up. One purple wire coming from the coil pack area, and the other terminal to the body of the carb (neutral). This wire is much lower and very short, or clipped. It can in its current state only reach the alternator body, but there seems to be no home for it.

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I agree w/ J.mccreight regarding it being the exciter wire. On my '88, the purple exciter wire had a push on style terminal (not a ring) that just slipped onto a stud on the alternator. I inadvertently knocked it off once while doing something else on the motor, and didn't notice it. Couldn't figure out why the battery wasn't charging until I saw it dangling. I've since put a ring terminal on it and bolted it to the alt. for good. On mine, Both the orange and purple wires that go to the alternator are run together and exit the wire sheath at the same point Not sure why it came wired that way. Check the number of connections to the alt. It isn't a single wire type.
As for the choke, if you're getting 12v. with the keky on, I would guess that the bi-metallic coil inside the cover isn't engaged in its slot.
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Originally Posted by f925 View Post
Ahh ha, what is "Alt exciter"? This must be my purple wire in question. I do not seem to have a spot for it on the alternator on the boat. Is it possible this no longer serves a purpose on a newer model Alt?

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The exciter wire generates the voltage needed for an alternator to start working once the motor is started, basically the "on" wire for the alternator, and is switched 12v thats why it's also purple in color.

And yes some newer alternators are "self exciting" one wire hook ups which don't require an exciter wire.
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