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Old 04-12-2013, 06:54 PM
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^^^ please explain
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Yup prime hunnie hauler there.
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Nice little stroll down memory lane...
1964 Larson 16' All American I/O - Parent's boat
1978 Carina 18' I/O, OMC - Parent's Boat
1983 Renken 20' I/O, OMC - Parent's Boat
1993 Regal 6.4 Ventura, I/O, Volvo Duo-prop
1996 Cobalt 21' Tradition I/O, Volvo dup-prop
1999 Cobalt 203cs, Inboard, direct drive
2005 Mastercraft X9, Inboard, direct drive
2007 Mastercraft X2, Inboard, V drive

I don't miss the I/O at all or the outdrive hanging down, except when I need to back the MC up in a tight spot. We love the performance of inboard.
I got the bug to "ski" again and ended up with the Cobalt 203cs. Actually a great little boat, it performed well, the fit and finish was top shelf. My cousin has a 02 XStar and we caught the MC envy... Kids started to ride and we got a great deal on the X9 because someone ordered it and thought it was too flashy. I guess turn buoy orange isn't for everyone. Sold the X5 and ready to enjoy the X2!
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I picked up a 1995 Bayliner 2050 in Aug of 2009. It had the 5.0 small block engine. Not once did that boat let me down at the ramp or on the water. I did not want to spend too much money not sure if we would use the boat. The boat did not have an hour meter so I'm not sure how much we used it exactly but we did use it a "boat load" - excuse the pun. So August of the next year was when I got the 2010 X-15. To me Sep-Oct are the best two months of the boating season around here IMO. I waited until the beginning of the following summer to ditch the Bayliner. I ended up selling it for more than I paid for it but seeing as I put a few minor upgrades and did some other work (replaced the wood motor mount blocks and some limited wood stringer rot), all in all it was a minor net loss = not bad for an old boat. Since it was a low dollar boat, I used it to learn how to maintain the outdrive, motor and trailer. As it put out virtually no wake I would think water skiers would actually like it but since I do virtually no water skiing, I'm not the judge of that. Since it had little deadrise not far past the bow it was not the boat to take heavy chop - but since I paid little for the boat... I measured top speed at 54 MPH with a GPS, of course that was using the I/O trim such that quite a bit of the boat was not touching water. It was not very heavy so it was rather easy to trailer being a single axle. However, I had to be careful of speed as it would sway if I went too fast on the highway. A guy with some young kids bought the boat from me. Whoever has it know, I hope they are having fun with it. I actually think he planned on using it more for fishing and drinking.
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My family had a lot of fun on that boat in that short year. I will never regret having that boat. I can't imagine a brand new (expensive) inboard being one's first boat. I can't imagine ever having an I/O again but who knows...

Edit: I'm finally at a point where I don't miss the I/O much if at all when docking.
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I'm with you... it's easy to bump an inboard around at the dock now. You can make some seriously tight turns going forward too.
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I grew up with outboards. In 2007 I picked up a 1987 Glasstream I/O that had a bad gimball bearing and a basket-case trailer. I got a shop to just replace the bearing, and I put the out-drive back on. Rebuilt the trailer and traded the completed package for my '77 S&S in September 2008 which was a basket-case. I paid $500 for the Glasstream, put $400 in repairs into it, and traded even-up for the '77. The rest is elbow grease and history. And work in progress.
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FOR 302, 351 & 454 STARTING AT $450 DELIVERED
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First boat our family had was a 1958 nylox w/ 40 horse merc. 15' and seated four so not an i/o . I think my dad bought it for ~$500 in the early 70's. I remember trying to pull my dad up on a single ski and it was like the boat was tied to a dock . He'd hold on with just the top of his head out of water until couldn't hold his breath anymore and switch to doubles. I did have some great summers wearing out my friend's 18' i/o skiboat. Cant remember the make but i bet my friends and i put 1000 hours on it as we went a few times each week. His dad was pretty cool to let us take it all the time. When it burnt to the ground on the trailer in the front of his house one day i asked his dad if he was gong to get a new one. He looked at me with a smile, chuckled and said "hell no! I bought that boat for me and i think i rode in it twice" .

Didn't do much boating when the kids were young as we were at soccer every weekend. When the kids went away to texas (on soccer scholarships!) we bought the mastercraft to Suprise them when they returned home for the summer. Everyone's had a blast so far!

Daughters return home in a few weeks and can't wait to get the family back on the water.

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Originally Posted by TxsRiverRat View Post
I'm about to trade my MC and go back to the 81 Sea Ray
It was a matter of time... I was watching this thread waiting

Here is my list:

1987 Century 5000 w/350 MercCruiser (not mine but a buddies but was what I learned to ski on)

1977 Galaxy w/3.0 Chevy (Never put this boat on the water once as the owner)

1984 Supra w/454 1:1 (Put all new stringers and floor in; ran it for two summers and spun a rod bearing)

After I sold the Supra I bought the 89 Prostar. I love it, but I do miss the size of the other boats.
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Originally Posted by mzimme View Post
I'm with you... it's easy to bump an inboard around at the dock now. You can make some seriously tight turns going forward too.
Last time I did it with the wife in the boat she was yelling at me that I was going to hit the dock on approach. When I was done, she asked "how did you do that". I gave up a while back trying to teach the wife to drive the boat. That one is a case of "it is what it is". I've resigned myself to the fact that it's good she can drive a straight line in open water and most times avoid running over the wakeboard rope. Maybe someone will do a boater's ed for wives around here some day - sure as heck will not be me. :
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Originally Posted by jhall0711 View Post
It was a matter of time... I was watching this thread waiting
LOL - I had to... You have a nice lookin 190 man!
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