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Faria Depth Sounder Installation

Decided my last upgrade before summer would be the installation of the Faria Depth Sounder for my 2005 ProStar 197 TT. I had experience installing a Hummingbird depth sounder on my previous Tige’ Pre2000WT several years ago. On the Tige’ I just removed the hour meter and located it under the motor box and placed the sounder in its place on the dash; power and ground right there. The transducer was expoxied to the hull floor and that was it.

The 197 proved to be a bit more time consuming; about three hours total. That did include a few cold ones to decipher where and how it was to be installed. For those of you considering this mod, here are the steps I followed.

1. Removed the top two blank switch covers and fashioned a piece of hard black plastic to the contours and fastened it with clear Liquid Nail. Left overnight for the adhesive to cure.

2. Followed the instructions on the transducer instructions and used GE Silicon II to adhere the base ring to the hull. Left overnight for the adhesive to cure.

3. Next up was the most challenging and time consuming part of the project; running the transducer cable. I ran the cable from the back-side of the transmission on the hull floor where the transducer was to be mounted to the gauge location near the armrest. I basically followed the steering cable route, which proved to be tight in certain locations. I tried to be as careful as possible as to not dislodge and mare any cables already in place.

4. I then removed the negative battery cable and started with the power. I removed the four hex-screws on the left side switch panel to gain access to the auxiliary 1 switch (which was not being used). I had to use needle-nose pliers to hold the wing nuts on the back side while removing the screws. I used a test light to ensure I was getting power from the switched-wire rather than the constant.

5. Next was soldering a wire extension from the gauge to the switch. I removed about ¼” of insulation from the wire, wrapped it tightly and soldered the extension to the switch. I then reconnected the negative battery cable and after taping everything up, I successfully tested it. Resetting the switch panel took some time...

6. According to the transducer instructions, I placed 2.4 oz of antifreeze in the base ring so that the transducer was submerged in a liquid. Then I attached the transducer to the base ring and ensured there were no leaks. Zip-tied the cable for tidiness.
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Very nice write up, thanks

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