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Old 04-07-2013, 08:00 PM
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Update: Strut has been straitened, as well as the prop shaft and the Prop. Workshop tells me the strut and propshaft may have had its last bend and next time it wll need to be replaced... best start saving if the last little bump did that much dammage! (previous Mercruiser leg had about 3 props torn off at speed and no dammage to leg or gear box in 5 years, ended up with Hi5 stainless to stop breaking props).

Strut installed, prop shaft insterted and whilst almost in-line L-R, was down by about 12mm. Aligned motor and dropped it but then the sump plug hits the bottom of the hull. Lifted the motor up to give clearance to the hull (+- 1mm) and ensured coupling flange was parallel (0.05mm all round) even though the shaft needed to be lifted about 5mm.

Boat ran perfect with out vibration, nice and smooth! I have heard that the 4 mm height difference might affect the strut bushes and the gearbox, but it is smooth. Also figured as I may be replacing the strut soon anyway as they are soo weak, I would not be running this offset for too long.

a $350 hole in my pocket, but up and running again! just in time for winter in Australia
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