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Originally Posted by pmkkdx View Post
hmmm ... I tried the "ctrl-alt-down arrow" on one of my co-workers computers (running Window 7) and nothing happened ...
Found that on one also. An IT guy then told me it is a ATI graphics card feature and it will work on XP and 7 computers running ATI graphics.
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Originally Posted by ski_king View Post
If you are at work, sneak over to a co workers computer running Windows 7.

Hit Ctrl - Alt - Down Arrow.... this inverts the screen and reverses the mouse button.

To undo this, Hit Ctrl - Alt - Up Arrow to revert to normal operation.
Ha! Did that to a friend at work today. She had two engineers in her office for 10 minutes trying to help her figure out what happened, until our secretary told her.

Thanks ski_king.
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Told my son who had 5 cavities to address at the dentist yesterday. "son, the Dentist looked at the x ray and two of the teeth can't be fixed, they will have to pull two and fix 3". He was pretty concerned for a bit, but I let him off the hook quickly.
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