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Unless the boat was swamped then bad cooler.
Don't take your boat to that mechanic again.
He should have been able to diagnose the problem and not just take your reccomendation to flush it and call it good.
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Originally Posted by walterlaughlin View Post
Thanks for the reply, how difficult is it to change that gasket? Does the v-drive need to come out of the boat to replace ir? Just wondering how many hours I'm looking at (at 95 bucks an hour labor charge per my boat mechanic). Also wondering how I can launder money to pay for this without the wife getting wind of it. #%&euro;<*$&@ boats!! Bust out another thousand...
Remove the cover that the dipstick goes through. There are 6 bolts. I have attached a photo of the gasket. The small hole in the upper left corner of the photo is the hole where the dipstick goes through. This 1s a pretty simple job. Looks to me to be less that a half hour ... including a cold one!!!
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Eh, just based on the picture that's a 2 beer job. You'll probably end up touching up the paint while you're at it.
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