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Old 03-10-2013, 09:53 AM
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Ah, I remember those threads. I just didn't realize that was you. If that makes sense
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Haha it's all good everybody needs a reminder some time! Cheers!
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Originally Posted by pwrman View Post
I'm looking for help on buying an extremely clean 1988 Prostar 190. It has been garage kept, original owner, less than 300 hours. He is asking $11,500, which seems very high, but this is a real gem (I think).

I'm supposed to go meet him today and drive it, but I want to be ready with questions.

- I'm not very mechanical, so should I pay a mechanic to look at it?
- What should this mechanic be looking for? Compression test?
- What is a boat like this really worth? I was thinking of around $8500 - $9k...I know the blue book is lower.

Unfortunately his post on Craigslist has expired, so I can't post the pics this morning

Is this boat in Tidewater, VA area? - if so I've seen the ads (been for sale for a while). Asking too much IMO - which is why it's still for sale (assuming same boat).
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Old 03-10-2013, 11:41 AM
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Why is it hard to think that there aren't garage queens out there. I bought my 1989 with 255 hrs on it back in 2009 for almost 10k a true garage queen from the original owner he had all the original paperwork, binder, keychain, manual etc, yes garage queens are out there and you will pay a premium for them but the look you get on some people's faces when they ask how old my boat is and I tell them it's 24 years old is priceless.
If your confortable at 10k for this boat then go buy it, if you back out the seller now knows he has interest at 10k and will not budge for future sale.
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After the pictures I still think its too much money. And sorry to say the zsqure boat is no longer available and it was for sale for $8500, and in the same shape with a MC trailer.
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In 1999 I sold my '55 Chevy for $8,500. At that time $8,500 was a good price. Had I waited 8 more years $35,000 would have been a good price. I find it interesting that here, on a site devoted to anything MasterCraft, people would be so opposed to the thought that a boat such as this could actually be worth more today than yesterday. If these boats are considered classics and the best made at that time then we should all hope and expect that values would actually increase over time. We as owners should support the thought that our purchases, over time, could become a investment.
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Old 03-10-2013, 06:17 PM
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Not sure why everyone's so on edge. I personally just thing the boat in the OP is priced a bit high.
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Originally Posted by JohnE View Post
Not sure why everyone's so on edge. I personally just thing the boat in the OP is priced a bit high.
Everyone is on edge because it's March. This discussion would be entirely different in June. Just sayin'


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I wanna play! 10K? Heck, show up with $9500. There is an old saying....Its just money, can't take it with ya.....in that respect, why haggle over 1000-1500 dollars. If you like it, and it is what you have been lookin for, I say go for it! Its not like its $100k purchase.....have fun, lifes too short. Or you can just keep lookin around, and maybe settle for something later just to save a little...wth, right?
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Old 03-13-2013, 08:11 PM
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Its too high.

1000-1500$ on a 10000 range boat is 10-15%! It is also 375 gallons of fuel, or almost enough for a new slalom ski... doh.

Region is important, but you can travel, some regions = risk for salt water usage/corrosion issues.

I think realistic money for a lower hour 88 is somewhere between 7500 and 10,000. With the 10,000 being low hours and Perfect Pass preferably with a matching bimini, and a good trailer, with good tires, and titles for all. 7500 is a reasonable example with usable tires, title, and no obvious issues, no doo-dads.

Once you start talking higher hours, rusty trailer, bad carpet, messed up vinyl the $ I would pay falls off hard.

As mentioned, by the time you are to 11,500 you are low hours on 94's in good shape. Or even some odd balls like 98 nautiques that might need work and for some reason have a carb? http://www.ski-it-again.com/php/skii...t&postid=20868

By 11K you have a lot of options. I personally think the 88's are great boats, but the 89 won't eat your ropes because they added delrin to the top. The newer boats have electronic ignition, meaning you will be able to go perfect pass, and have better starting.
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