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Originally Posted by east tx skier View Post
Another thing to consider. Engine Nut, who works for Indmar, once posted here that the reason Indmar called for 89 octane was due to the fact that most people use their boats infrequently. 87 octane is fine, but 86 is not. So, to avoid having people fill up with 87, then leave the boat sitting for a month or two between uses and starting it up with what was no longer 87 octane fuel, Indmar recommended 89 octane so that there would be a little buffer for less frequent users.

I think it is a good idea to stabilize any fuel you don't intend to burn off in the next two weeks before that last outing of the weekend.
Good advice ETS. I follow that almost all the time. If I am camping for a wknd and know that I will blow threw an entire tank, I will run 87. However, If I am not sure that I will get all of that tank out I will run 89 or better to make sure that if it sets I will not have to worry about octane drop.
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