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New Trailer - Phoenix vs. Boatmate or other?

I need some advice.

I own a 2007 X30 with MC OEM Tandem Axle Trailer. I recently purchased a 2006 X30, not knowing whether I wanted to flip it or keep it (my favorite gel coat scheme - blue/silver flake).

My problem: I have 2 X30's and 1 trailer and need to sell one of the boats.

What would you do? Would you spend $5k and buy a Phoenix or Boatmate and keep it? Or, would you hold on to the MC trailer and try to sell one of the boats with the aftermarket? Or then again, just advertise without a trailer?

I guess I'm making this a bigger deal than it is. My fear is, if someone wants to buy the 06' tomorrow, but needs a trailer, I'll be stuck because the aftermarket trailer will take weeks to get here. That's why I need to decide ahead of time.
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Rambo Marine in AL. seems to always have used trailers. Look up their website.
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Originally Posted by jgraham37128 View Post
Rambo Marine in AL. seems to always have used trailers. Look up their website.
I will say that Rambo does seem to always have a supply of used trailers; if that becomes a swing and a miss, call Mat at MasterCraft Chicgo (he is on here as well) - I have a new Phoenix ordered and it will likely be here next week. He was incredibly easy to work with and I must say he was very price consciou$.

I was looking at Boatmate, they are made a couple of hours from me; after working with Mat at MC Chicago and Jeff at Phoenix - Hands down, OUTSTANDING customer service wins every time.
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