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Old 10-30-2012, 10:09 AM
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Winterized 2010 X2

Here's a detail list of what I did. Hope this may help someone wanting to do it themselves. Here's some pics too.

1.Start engine and let it warm up to full temp.
2. Suck oil from drain hose and remove filter using zip lock freezer bag to catch any oil.
3. Add 5 and a half quarts of Penzoil 15x40 marine Oil. Install new Mastercraft branded oil filter.
4. Suck all transmission fluid from the Mastercraft transmission. Remove the transmission filter from the right side of the transmission. Clean the filter with carb cleaner and re install.
5. Refill transmission with four quarts of Penzoil 15x40 Marine Oil.
6. Start engine let all new fluids work their way thru the motor let it run approximately 5-10 minutes. While the boat is still running remove the hose that is connected to the valve cover and spray fogging oil in the hose end ( this hose runs to the throttle body ) until it smokes so bad you think it's on fire. This will take one to two minutes of spraying. Shut down motor. Check oil and transmission fluid
7. Disconnect the manifold drain hoses by disconnecting the quick connect fitting and let it drain in the bilge.
8. Remove the left side brass plug from the motor and let all water drain.
9. Remove the lower hose on the left side of the motor and let it drain in the bilge.
10. Remove the brass drain plug from the right side of motor and let all water drain in the bilge.
11. Remove the J hose on the right side of the motor both top and bottom and let the water drain.
12. Remove the upper hose for the heater, take an air hose and blow it in this hose until all the water stops coming out the open holes on the back of the motor. Once dry reconnect the hose.
13. Remove impeller from the rear of the motor for winter storage. Use impeller pulley to get it out with no damage. Re install plate and all screws with no impeller installed.
14. Re install both brass drain plugs on the motor, reconnect the manifold drain hoses, re connect the lower hose on the left side of the motor and then re install the lower part of the J hose only.
15. Pour up to 3 gallons of environmentally friendly antifreeze in the upper part of the J hose in the rear, it should start coming out the other end of where the J hose reconnects.
16. Reconnect the top J hose.
17. Start the motor and let it run for approximately 30 seconds for it to get the antifreeze in all places.
18. Disconnect and remove both batteries and place in heated garage on battery tenders for the winter.
19. Empty all ballast pour 1/4 gallon of antifreeze into each ballast thru the overflow port.
20. Turn ballast back to empty for less than 30 seconds (just long enough to get it into the pumps)
21. Wash and dry the boat real good all the way down to the bottom of the hull.
22. Pull all cushions and place on shelving so none is pressed against each other the whole winter.
23. Since I leave it in dry storage I just leave it in there with no cover and none of the cushions are touching each other but all are on flat surfaces so none will warp over winter.

What to do in spring.

1. Re install impeller or replace with new impeller.
2. Install and re connect both fully charged batteries.
3. Grease rudder, steering cable and starter motor.
4. Hook up fake a lake and start motor let is run for 10 minutes. Look for any sign of water leaks. Once all is cleared and there are no water leaks shut the motor down.
5. Re-wash the boat and apply a fresh coat of wax.
4. Load the cooler we are ready to go it the lake.
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Old 11-02-2012, 12:27 AM
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Nice post ... No mention of ballast? Lube rudder, steering cables,
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Great list! Well done. My rudder doesn't have a fitting?
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Old 11-03-2012, 09:23 PM
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Sorry, I did empty all ballast till nothing came out. Then I poured Antifreeze in the overflow then turned to empty one more time.

I'm going to lube rudder steering cable and grease starter all in the spring. I didn't think it would do much good to grease it with it just sitting for the next 6 months. I'd rather do it then start using it. I'll add to the post in the spring. I did wash the boat real good but didn't wax either. Will do it in the spring too.

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Old 11-03-2012, 09:30 PM
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I updated the original post.
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Old 11-04-2012, 02:18 AM
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Nice write up! I've got a '99 Prostar 205V that is new to me, and I will be winterizing it for the first time here in the next week or two. This and some of the other posts on TT have been very helpful.
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