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Old 10-26-2012, 07:37 PM
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1 @XL-blue
[email protected] (if available, if not skip theT)-black
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Old 10-26-2012, 07:38 PM
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Any idea on the colors at all? I could make a better decision if I knew what the choices were. Right now, grey or black works. Let us know when you do.

Awesome job, thanks!
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Old 10-26-2012, 07:47 PM
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Thanks for taking this on!!!! Much appreciated!!!! 1 Men's (large) and 1 Women's (small), red if possible please!! Thx again!
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Old 10-26-2012, 08:14 PM
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Hey Mike, do you think there would be any issue sending to Nova Scotia Canada?
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Old 10-26-2012, 08:15 PM
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Originally Posted by mzimme View Post

First, I want to thank the guys at MasterCraft for going out of their way to help us have these shirts made. This is not something they are obligated to do, and to take time out of their day to help us produce a product is very generous - so THANK YOU!

I figured I'd start a new thread on this since it's in the final stages and MC is now on board. I contacted their marketing department, and their manager over there is working with me to get these T-shirts made through their supplier. If you have already said you want one of these, please check the listing to see if you are accounted for. If the numbers are not accurate, please PM or post in the thread to address what needs to be changed. I need all of the question marks in "The List" to vanish in a week!

Colors, Styles, and Sizes

Some questions have come up about sizing and colors. From what I've been told, the adult sizes will be available, as well as kids sizes. Different colors will also be available from what I understand, so please let me know what colors you prefer so I can get an accurate count to send to MasterCraft's marketing department. If you do not give me a color choice by that time, you will be defaulted to Grey.

A women's cut will also be available. If you would like that option, please specify so.

How's it going to work?

I will be helping MC gather sizing information, color information, and quantities. Once I have a hard number down on Nov. 2nd, I will send that information to the market department so he can get a price on the individual shirts at the quantities that I send him. Once I know the price of the shirts, it will be posted here and I'll begin collecting money. After I have collected the money, the order will be placed for the exact number of shirts that I have money for. I will not be fronting money! If you are not paid up by the day we order the shirts, you will miss out on the opportunity.

Once the order is placed, MC will be shipping all the shirts to my house and I will distribute from there. Shipping and packaging prices will be added into the cost of the shirt beforehand. I am doing this on my own time, so please give me a few days to get potentially 100+ shirts mailed out. I'll head to the post office and figure out what shipping options and packaging options I have available, but hopefully I can keep shipping costs low. For those of you that live out of the US, I'll have to figure out shipping separately.

How do I pay?

Once the hard numbers are in, I will post my PayPal address on here to use for payment. Because PayPal charges fees, I ask that you use the "gift" option, and pay that fee on your end. I do not want to cover $0.30+3% of every order, so please be aware of how you send the money. Also, please be sure to include your TT username in the comments section, as well as the address you want the item(s) shipped to.

Other Info

Please do what you can to help me get everything in order for the next week. I have a full time job and won't be able to chase everyone down for every bit of information (even though I'll probably try), but just do what you can in helping me fill these voids.

Also, when I receive the shirts from MC, it is up to me to ship these out. Please be patient . I'll do my absolute best to get everything to everyone in a timely manner. If any issues arise, please contact me and I'll work with whoever I need to work with to address the matter.

Here is my phone number and contact information if any of you need to reach me for whatever reason: Mike Zimmerman - (563)650-3486

Ok... I think that's everything. I'll update as needed. Thanks everyone for your interest in this, I'm happy to be helping here!

The List

If there is a question mark next to ANYTHING in your name, please post in this thread the missing information so I can change it. My PM inbox has been getting flooded, so it might be full. For the sake of keeping good record, please just post in here and I'll make the changes when I see them.

Name - Total Quantity - Sizes/quantites - Color preference

mzimme - 3 - L(3) - Blue(1) Red(1) Grey(1)
Broncotw - quantity(?) - sizes(?) - colors(?)
thatsmrmastercraft - 2 - XXL(2) - grey(2)
occva - 3 - XL(2) S(1) - color(?)
19 skier - 2 - M(2) - white(1) black(1)
bailey78 - 2 - L(2) - red(2)
ttu - 4 - XL(2) M(2)(ladies cut) - 1Black(XL) 1White(XL) Pink(2 - ladies)(M)
JohnE - 2 - XXL(2) - black(?) white(?)
JohnnyB - 2 - L(2) - red(1) blue(1)
Swibby69 - 2 - L(2) - color(?)
PT_1999_ProStar - 2 - XXL(2) - ??
zsqure - 3 - XL(1) L(1) M(1) - Grey(3)
memphis23 - 2 - L(1) M(1) - white(?)grey(?)
cwarndahl - 2 - XXL(2)(tall) - black(1) grey(1)
1redTA - 1 - XL(1) - red(1)
Miss Rita - 1 - XL(1) - color(?)
onejdgreen - 2 - sizes(?) - color(?)
byronic - 2 - L(2) - white(2)
blakehardesty - 2 - XL(2) - blue(1) red(1)
gweaver - 3 - XXL(1) 5T(2) - colors(?)
_fng_ - 1 - L(1) - grey(1)
lukedeuce - 2 - XL(2) - blue(1) black(1)
hewlett6621 - quantity(?) - sizes(?) - colors(?)
Phntmski - quantity(?) - sizes(?) - colors(?)
etduc - 1 - L(1) - red(1)
mcparadise - 4 - L(4) - colors(?)
jakethebt - 4 - XL(1) S(3) - colors(?)
millertime - 3 - L(1) M(2) - colors(?)
jeffbare - 2 - XL(2) - colors(?)
Jmann - 2 - L(1) Kid(what size?)(1) - colors(?)
jdcarpenter - 4 - 1XL(tan), 1L(red)(ladies), 1S(pink)(ladies), 1kidsL(red)
Tristar Racing - 1 - M(1) - color(?)
swb911 - 2 - sizes(?) - colors(?)
Space Wrangler - 2 - M(1) (kids)1 - any color
99xstar - 2 - L(1) M(1) - grey(2)
justinglow - 3 - XL(3) - colors(?)
Ironhorse - 1 - XXL(1) - color(?)
CruisinGA - 2 - L(2) - grey(2)
captain planet - quantities(?) - sizes(?) - colors(?)
Overdraft - 2 - M(2) - colors(?)
Ben - 2 - sizes(?) - colors(?)
gid - 1 - L(1) - color(?)
sand2snow22 - 4 - 1 XL 1-M----Black, 1 XL 1-M------White
Double - 5 - XL(2)(1Royal Blue/1Black) M(2)(Black/Royal blue(womens)) S(1)Black
TxsRiverRat - 2 - XL(1) M(1)(ladies cut) - navy(1) pink(1 ladies)
JRW160 - 1 - L(1) - color(?)
jamisonsbrodie - 1 - L(1) - blue(1)
mramerman - 2 - L(1) - XS(1) - black
Gofast - 1 - L(1) - Black(1)
jgraham37128 - 1- L(1) - white(1)
Larue - 3 - XL(1) L(2) - white(1)(XL) Grey(1)(L) Black(1)(L)
jschildm - 2 - M(1) S(1) - Blue(1) Purple(1)(ladies)(small)
ski king - 2 - L(2) - grey
stt - 1 - XXL(white)
Ironhorse - 1 - XXL(Yellow) (white as second choice)
clrussel - 3 - M(3) - 2 gray 1 black
Who at MC are you working with on this?

"Heavy" beer is for wine drinkers that are too embarrassed to drink wine in front of their buddies. "Light" beer is a drinkin' man's beer!
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Old 10-26-2012, 08:22 PM
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I'd like to add a shirt to my order- one large. If there's a color option, grey would be great.
(full order would be (1) XXL, (1) L, (2) 5T kids shirts)
Thanks for doing this!
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Old 10-26-2012, 08:26 PM
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I have not seen any prices yet? and refuse to give MasterCraft 26.00 dollars for a tee shirt!!
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Old 10-26-2012, 08:35 PM
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Lg in grey. Woman's M in black

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Old 10-26-2012, 09:21 PM
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Originally Posted by bailey78 View Post
I have not seen any prices yet? and refuse to give MasterCraft 26.00 dollars for a tee shirt!!
Not sure on price yet, I'll have to get them estimate on numbers before I can get the price. I'm at the bars tonight enjoying my Friday. Ill update the new posts in the morning. Cheers!

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Old 10-26-2012, 09:41 PM
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Please PM me your contact at MC who is dealing with this.

Who is "their" supplier? The only supplier I know of is Mastercraft By Design?

"Heavy" beer is for wine drinkers that are too embarrassed to drink wine in front of their buddies. "Light" beer is a drinkin' man's beer!
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