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Old 05-12-2015, 01:22 PM
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Badges and Graphics for older MasterCraft boats

Dear Mastercraft,

We all understand your concern for the protection of your brand and I totally agree with everything you said in your post (a snippit from your post below). It especially makes sense because of your wish to become a publicly traded company.

Please do keep in mind that a lot of us have older MasterCraft boats and we all strive to keep them looking their best. As it relates to decals, this is becoming nearly impossible because of the lack of factory original graphics for purchase. In most cases on older X series boats, a person looking to restore the appearance of their boat is forced to do something entirely different with their graphics...which usually involves some aftermarket graphics company for help in getting something that will look good, that closely matches the color scheme of the gel coat on the boat.

It seems to me that it would be a great idea for your company to take note of the aftermarket businesses you have had to go after, specifically what they were successful in selling over the years, and work to bring these same products back to market soon through the appropriate means you see fit to protect your registered trademarks.

I think if you reproduce some sets of the older X series graphics to sell (at a reasonable price), they would easily sell. I don't think you'd lose money on the deal, and it would keep us from seeking aftermarket graphics too.

Please don't find this post as threatening in any way. I hope it stays on here long enough so that others can give their opinions on the matter.

Give us the means to keep our older MC's looking their best. I love my old MasterCraft and can't wait for this season to get going!

Donald Thomas
Clayton, NC

(("We ask that everyone here please respect the fact that the MasterCraft name, logo and associated marks (like the shield) are registered trademarks which makes them our property. As such, only through a licensing agreement with us, can anyone use those marks to sell product with the name, logo or symbols of MasterCraft on it."))
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