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Old 11-05-2016, 09:23 PM
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How much A/F should run out of shaft seal?

Just finished filling my engine (2006 MCX) with A/F today using the bucket method. I always lose about 2 gallons of A/F under the boat that comes out of the dripless shaft seal at the prop. I lose this much before the A/F ever starts running out the exhaust.

Are you guys removing that cooling line and capping the fitting before you suck in your A/F?

Is it normal for that much flow to occur through the dripless shaft seal?

Knock on wood, I don't ever have any water collect in the bilge from the shaft seal, so it seems to be working as it should. It shouldn't ever get hot with that amount of water flow.
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Old 11-05-2016, 09:34 PM
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You need to pinch off the dripless line before you run your AF into the motor. Every bit of AF that runs out of the dripless connection is every bit that is not in your motor.

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I did my first real winterization today. I live in CA, but I sold the boat to someone that lives in Utah. I am delivering it tomorrow to Reno for it's first leg of transport east.

I ran the engine to get it warm with the 5 gallon bucket drawing through the transmission cooler. I have a 3 foot section of 1-1/4 hose that I attach to the trans cooler inlet.

After engine was warm I opened the 2 engine drains and the 2 drains on my exhaust manifolds. I installed petcocks at those 4 points for easy draining. In CA I just drain and I am done.

With the RV antifreeze, the engine sucked up 4 gallons before anything came out the exhaust. I shut it down the engine at about 4.3 gallons. After that, I again opened the 4 petcocks and let the engine drain.

I took off the thermostat housing, and removed the thermostat. I then poured RV antifreeze into the engine until I heard it running out of the petcocks.

End of the story, I used about 4.8 gallons of antifreze with no shaft seal.
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