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Old 09-05-2012, 08:01 PM
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2006 X10 ?? Thoughts...

As some of you may know I previously posted about a 1989 Tri star 190 open bow that I could pick up at a decent price but needed A LOT of work..... Well I have a 1986 Buick Grand National (GNX clone) set up as a "True Pro-Touring" car that I have north of $40,000 in it and I have a guy with a 2005 X10 is pretty interested in the car so I have a bunch of questions regarding this particular boat...

1) What is the overall height of this boat? will it fit under a normal garage door opening?

2) Is this a good beginner boat for me the driver and my 16 yr old son to learn on?

I drove a 1992 Moomba boomerang today and that thing is "LOW" in the water compared to these new boats and the owner moved up to a Supra LSV and he says he can't drive the boat for nothing and uses twice the gas as the Moomba does... This got me thinking, do I really want this size of boat?

My choice is the 1993-94 MC Pro-Star 205V with a folding tower so I can park it in my heated & cooled garage....

Please let's hear your thoughts!

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Old 09-05-2012, 08:30 PM
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The PS 205V was not introduced until 1999. The PS 205 direct drive was introduced in 1992 if I remember correctly. The 205V is still a very sought after boat and was the same hull used in X-star until 2002, X-2 until 2005, currently the X-1. The X-10 is a very nice boat that will do just about everything fairly well but everybody has a preference... As far as the height with a folded tower, I would guess you need an 8 ft garage door. I fold my tower on a 214v and have an 8 foot door that clears easily but I think it would take a lot of unhooking, lowering the tongue, etc to get in a 7 ft door. Also, IMO you can get an X-10 much cheaper than $40,000 if that's what your thinking it's worth... You probably need to do some research in your area on current boat pricing etc...
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