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Originally Posted by Kyle View Post
Ok so I have this wasp problem at my house. Wasps or yellow jackets

So here is what I have done.

Last friday I took a broom and knocked down the nest and put it in my driveway and put some high octane fuel on it. Then took a lighter and a can of throttle body spray and shot a flame ball on the nest and let it burn completely out.

Wasps then landed against the brick wall where the nest used to be. Walked over and killed off like 20 of them with a broom with a few swings.

Saturday I notice more wasps in the same spot. Grabbed the throttle body spray and killed them all off with a lighter and a big flame ball shooting at them.

Sunday I notice about 40 more wasps so I repeat the flame throwing.

Monday I come home for work and the sorry SOB's had recruited more and there were 20-30 more. I shot more fire at them and killed them off again.

Tuesday there were no wasps.

Wednesday there were 15 or so that showed up so I got the flame back after them.

Thursday there were no wasps.

Today the Bastards are back.... What do I do now?

I keep leaving all of the dead ones swept up into a nice pile so that maybe the future wasps will get the hint that I am not playing games. I have a stack of dead wasps (about 75-100) in this pile and I cant seem to keep them from coming back.

What do I do?

Why do more keep coming to the exact same spot?

How to I win the war for good?

I have all but caught the house on fire.
Those bastards are always a problem in the house...For this treatment which I have used in a couple of places it has worked well.

Do this at night when they are less active. First I find the crack in the eve or whatever where they are going in. Empty a can of Gamma-Cyhalothrin into it, then seal the crack with an expanding foam like The Good Stuff.

If they are making next exterior to a wall or on a ceiling the approach is different. I treat the nest with insecticide a couple of times over a few days. making sure that all participants in its instruction receive a good dose of medicine. Then knock down the nest and treat the surrounding area so that if a couple stragglers or survivors come back they have a dose waiting for them. When I do the several treatments over several days part I always use more than 1 type of insecticide thereby decreasing my chances of a resistant variant in the group.

Also, an old trick in the south is to paint the ceiling of the area sky blue. Wasps think its sky and do not try to build nests in the area....Never tried it but I have seen it work...Outsmart those bastards...its the only way...
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