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Old 08-28-2004, 12:10 PM
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Thumbs down MEDICAL - Statin Scam

Mr Dr prescribed Lipitor for too high cholesterol readings. I filled the prescriptions, then started looking for info. There is a lot of arm flailing about statins are bad, yada, yada, yada. There is some evidence offered, but not enough hard proof. Went back to my dr and attempted the arm flailing routine, and he said, show me the evidence, and not just internet pages of people who can't find an audience any other way.


There are several BBS with people having serious side affects. Dr Golomb in CA is doing a side affect study and she's already making noises the side affects are much more serious and much more frequent then "advertised". And even Phizer admits to what I would call a high side affect rate. So, we have a drug that is very very good at what it's advertised to do, and that is lower cholesterol. Phizer and the others ONLY advertise cholesterol lower capabilities, the medical community is selling statins reduced heart incident potential.

Now comes the fun, looking at the "studies" claims. Most, if not all make the claim of 25-45% lower risk of heart disease. This is an absolutely ridiculous claim in review the actual data. Heart Protection Study presentation is available on Lipid.org. This was a study done over 5.6 years with 20,500+ patients. Here's where it gets good. After 5.6 years, 791 people on the statin suffered mortality due to vascular reasons (7.7%). 943 people on the placebo suffered mortality due to vascular reasons (9.2%).

The study used an extremely improper and misleading analysis technique. They compared the 791 to 943 and used that to justify the approx 25% decrease in cardiac events. The only time that is valid is if all patients suffered cardiac mortality. The forgot about the other 19,000 or so participants. The correct number is 1.5% improvement in cardiac mortality taking Statin Drug.


My own dr argued with me there was a 25% improvement, the study said so. Stated differently:

AFTER 5.6 YEARS 92.3% OF THE STATIN USERS WERE ALIVE, AND 90.8% PLACEBO PARTICIPANTS WERE STILL ALIVE. In my non medical world, 92.3%-90.8% is 1.5%, NOT 25%.

Why did I pick HPS as an example? Because my Dr named it as one of the study's to review, and it was one that was stupid enough to make available some of the raw data.

One more thing on the HPS study. According to their way of doing math, if you are taking a statin, your risk dying in a car accident is reduced by 31%. Their data, their analysis technique. So if you're concerned about dying in a car accident, take the statin.

Through my online search and discussions with a couple of MD friends, came to the conclusion the drug companies are not only perpetuating the ultimate scam on the american public, but done an outstanding job scamming an extremely high percentage of docs.

mercola.com has a bunch of good information
rxlist.com is one of several BBS
google "lipitor problems" "lipitor issues" "lipitor side affects", etc


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