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Old 05-08-2014, 12:16 AM
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Jeffer. Can't tell you enough on how nice ur boat came out. It's given me a new outlook on my prostar and now I can take all the detailed info u posted as a user guide. Thank you for the inspiration. Two questions. Would like to replace switches on dash. The little push button circuit breakers, did those come out and go back in with any trouble? Any tricks to that? Also. I pulled the vent/cup holders on engine cover to refurbish and found some of the plastic around screw holes have cracked and pieces are gone. Was thinking about using epoxy. Did you use bondo to smooth out
imperfections?etc. thx for the help
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Old 05-10-2014, 01:12 PM
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Hey Scoco - first, thanks for the compliments! I'm always impressed by the work done by so many people on this forum, and I got inspiration from others myself, so I appreciate being on the other side of that. Makes me glad I spent the time posting for others...well worth paying it forward! So do the same with yours, bud! We all love it (and pictures, please).
All the circuit breakers come out really easy. Label them and the wires. But mine were all ok, but I DID replace the boots (covers), very easy to find at West Marine, Great Lakes Skipper, etc. (and cheap for a bag of them).
On the cup holder, I found some stuff called Plastex (Google it) in black, and repaired all the cracks (and filled the mounting holes) with that stuff. Buy the bigger bottle, the stuff is good. Then I used red finishing putty to smooth it all out and re-drilled the mounting holes. You can see it in the pictures I posted. Worked well for me, seems to be holding well and the Plastex stuff seems to be stronger than any bondo would be. Good luck!

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Old 06-24-2014, 07:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Jeffer View Post
Now I wanted to update the old look of the dash panels, and really didnít want to just paint them. I searched on the web for a company that could give them a new look, and I found Tecnografic in Florida (search them). I had written to them, and Marc responded and at my request sent me a sample of a carbon fiber panel that I was thinking of after looking at the website. It came pretty fast, and I realized that with my interior colors and new gauge colors, the carbon fiber just didnít look right, so I had them do it in Maserati Burl. They can silkscreen labels, and I had that done for the engine and transmission warning lights, but I replaced all the switches with labeled ones so I didnít need those panels silkscreened. The panels came back fast and an absolutely amazing job was done! Iím not sure exactly what the process is that they use, but Iíll attach a picture to show the quality of the returned panel even at the edges. Once installed, they look great coupled with all new Teleflex gauges and Carling switches, as you can see. I have a new wheel on order that closely matches the burlwood look, and I canít wait to get that installed, along with a depth gauge thatís sitting on my bench waiting for a location TBD.
If you dont mind me asking, and to save Tecnografic time on quoting me for this, how much did it cost? I have same issues. Looks awesome!
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Old 06-25-2014, 05:22 PM
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Anyone know which country this was done ?

How do you join Wake Club #1 ??

They have their own cheerleaders !
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