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Old 09-21-2011, 11:23 PM
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Question Little advice on a new tower and speakers please?

Well to start off I have a 2004 Mastercraft 230 VRS, and I enjoy it very much. But like every boater, I would like to enhance my boat. On my boat the speakers aren't really the best, the speakers get to about 22-24 sound level on the head unit and the music cuts on and off. So it seems like I need a new head unit and amp. I am looking at this head unit,


Now I know this head unit is very costly, but i have no choice because I bought a Sony Marine head unit and it didn't fit. So I figured the only head units that would fit is the Clarions(which an older model of the boat is already in)

So my first question would this be a good buy?

Now also I want a new tower just because there is no bimini and also my board racks are a little out dated and are too small for my wakesurf. Also the speakers on my tower are wet sounds but i would like 4 big speakers instead of just two of my small wet sounds. So where can i get a very good tower for my boat?
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Old 09-22-2011, 01:31 AM
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The best tower for your boat is the New Dimension Tower. I have a 230 VRS and I wouldn't buy a different tower. I think a lot of guys on this thread would agree that if you can spend the money get a ND. You can see my boat with the new tower at this thread. Plus they custom fit the bimini as well


Mine is the one at the bottom of the page
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Old 09-22-2011, 11:12 AM
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Well there is a lot of info we need to kind of point you in the right direction speaker wise. Not sure why u want to get rid of the Wetsounds gear up there. Wetsounds makes great sounding gear and some would argue are the leader in tower speaker sounds. Happen to have pics or know if they are 6.5inch or 8 inch speakers?

The reason your stereo is clipping is because most likely the amp is undersized for your speakers and it cuts off to prevent damage. Some info on the amp and the current speakers would be much appreciated. Are your tower speakers and 4 inboats all running off one amp? Do you have coaxial speakers or components (tweeter mounted separate)? You may just need to upgrade an amp or two and properly tune it rather than replace the entire system. However if you jsut want to go ahead and gut it and start from scratch here you go.

I would go Wetsounds on the tower. If you are wanting more up top than a single pair of the Regular Pro80's or the newly released Rev8 or Rev 10 a pair of Pro 485's are the way to go. However now we ware talking adding batteries and minimum of 3 amps especially if you are talking a sub, along with upgrading the alternator and wiring. assuming you have a pair of Westounds Pro 80's on the tower now again just assuming.........I am willing to guess theyr are getting nowhere near the right power and with the underpowered amp are the main reason the stereo is clippping

As to replacing the gear.......there are a ton of choices. The best bang for your buck stuff is going to be either the Polk DB651 or the Polk MMC651. Great marine rated speakers that can be had at great prices. They sound great inside our open air environment. As far as amps to power them. Kicker Zx amps are hard to beat for money. Again these suggestions are bang for your buck suggestions for above average gear. If you are looking for higher end stuff I have some different recommendations.

As far as a stereo head unit.....Not sure if your boat has the Clarion wired remotes(again assuming it does because it is an 04), but if it does I happen to have a slightly used for a season, mint, Clarion M475 unit with all the factory hardware and manuals for sale in the classifieds. Shameless plug I know, however ,the perfect upgrade and will save u some cash if you're interested in a decent head unit. This upgraded unit is what a lot of Teamtalk members did when it came out as it was a direct replacement to the factory, allowed the addition of an ipod or mp3 with an aux jack, and u were able to keep same remotes. This unit has mp3 aux jack in front for ipod and will also allow you to add a Clarion ipod interface if u want to go that route. It also has 3 sets of pre amp outputs which is great for building a system. Let me know if your interested otherwise the M309 is the newest replacement, but not sure that is a direct plug and play. The M475 uses the same exact harness from factory.

As far as a tower. New Dimension towers def look the best and flow the best with the MC's. There is a cost for that though. If you are on a tight budget. Monster is hard to beat. If you have a tower now and simply looking for a tower bimini.....you can save some cash and go to towerbiminis.com. Great product.

Well that's what I have for now again just need a little more infor on the stereo stuff you have in there now amps, sub , speakers, tower speakers brands n models if possible. If you are just wanting to gut it.......... than the only thing needed would be if you have coax's or components so we can steer you in the right direction on inboats and the tower speaker info.

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Swatguy nailed it. one thing to look at when you amps cut out is what is hooked up to them and how. you might have too many speakers wired making too low of an impedance which is what causes the speakers to cut out. as the amp is going into protection when driven hard. speakers only reproduce what they are fed. so get us a list of what amp (models) and what speakers and models and how many etc..and how they are wired to the amp.

Most likely you might be able to stick with what you have an add a second set of towers with a strong amp. I assume since you say small Wet Sounds, they may be PRO 60 or our non pro audio XST-650 towers. If they are PRO 60, i bet you arent running enough power. Adding a second set and a SYN-2 amp is going to be night and day. Then re using the amp you have on the in boats so it can be an easier load.

Same thing with the head unit. Unless it is broken or doesnt have the features you want. Dont think you have to scrap everything. Look at the system as a whole and then what your goals are for the sound. Towers for the rider first? Surfing? party cove? bass? ipod control? etc...make a list and that will help.

Once you have made your goals clear and what you have now, then take it in steps to what fits your budget

Wet Sounds
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