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Old 11-24-2014, 11:28 PM
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Countertop install. I being too picky

Or applying MCOCD?

New granite installed today. Unfortunately not the exact pieces we put a deposit on, but that is another story.

Looks decent, but a few issues I have will to do extra work to resolve. Curious if my expectations are too high.

Main issue. Sink "L" piece, 7' x 4'. When they measured, I pointed out the corner wall was not square and the owner (took measurements) acknowledged and said they could adjust for it. End result was they had to notch the drywall a lot so it would line up w the stove decent, which is fine. Issue is opposite side has about 1/4" gap between wall and end, and worse, 1/2" gap along about 25% of the back. We are doing tile backsplash, so I will have to build that out somehow, more drywall mess, etc.

It is pretty clear they didn't account for wall being not square. My on the spot decision was to have the stove Edge line up well, as that is visible and stove needs to slide in and out. I signed up to "fix" a straight wall, but other than rejecting the granite, there was really no other option.

Secondary issue. Long 12-1/2' run, again with wall that was shown to be not straight (disclaimer, I didn't do the walls...). I was also told they would be able to work with that, and in this case, they did cut it a bit funny to try and help. Problem is I have about 1/4" btw the back edge of granite and the wall at the open end. Again, as on the "L" piece, Not sure what to fill that little gap with with that won't look like crap.

Am I wrong to think this should be a bit tighter job for the cash I paid (although didn't pay the 2nd half yet).

Sorry, can't attach pics thru phone for some tapatalk issue I can't figure out.
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Old 11-24-2014, 11:43 PM
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My granite went in last Friday. They came out with a laser tripod that is part of the water jet/CAD system. I had nothing larger than .25" at "out of square" cabinets. Covered by the side splash. If you paid what I paid, send it back. Drywall isn't part of granite, IMO.
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Old 11-24-2014, 11:45 PM
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Nope, Nada. You are in the right. For the money, it should be damn near perfect. Even if the house isn't square properly, any good contractor/granite/marble installer should be able to read a tape properly and cut it correctly. I would stand tall on this. It is an expensive upgrade that will yield value to the property, but not so much if done half-*** or improperly. Tell them to fix it or redo it.
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Old 11-25-2014, 12:58 AM
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Ok. Thanks for reply. Good to know I'm not insane, or if I am, I have at least a few teammates...

What sucks is we really like this slab / pattern as it is unique. We took the last of it. I can't go back to ground Zero and start shopping again.

I guess I'll look for more discount, or a free vanity top for basement or something.

They didn't use templates, which is what I was told they would do. That would have fixed this. I hate being the "know it all homeowner" when someone is measuring and assuring me all will be well. Reminds me why I do most stuff myself....
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Old 11-25-2014, 01:05 AM
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I had granite installed 2 years ago at our lake house. I have never had granite done before, so I took half a day and drew plans with all the measurements. My granite supplier/installer said to me "thanks for all the time you took to take measurements and draw plans but, I will come and make a template for myself and it will fit perfect". He was correct. If you paid for granite to be installed, you should first get the granite you put a deposit on and it should perfect. You have every right to demand a quality product. I bet when they sold you on it they made statements "well the price is a little higher than you wanted but you want the best so your going to get what you pay for". I would not get in a rush at this point. You will have to live with what you end up with for years to come. A little lost time at this point will not make a difference 20 years from now but if you have to come up with solutions for what you are describing, you will see those fixes and not be happy. Good luck.
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Old 11-25-2014, 01:24 AM
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Get what you expect for your money. No doubt about it.
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Old 11-25-2014, 06:40 AM
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Pictures would be great here but based on your description of the gaps, no way I would accept that work. I assume you will be withholding final payment until they do it right

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Old 11-25-2014, 08:54 AM
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More detail / visuals...

1st pic - kitchen layout (ignore mess - work in process)
2nd pic - sink / "L" piece
3rd pic - "gap" btw sink L piece and left wall - 1/4". Tile will be above, but I don't have a good way to fill this gap - unless someone has a good idea.
4th pic - Gap btw counter and back wall. This is >1/2" and extends a ways. To fix, I'll have to do a lot of drywall work since the tile backsplash will only be ~1/4" thick.
5th pic - Showing the stove lines up OK.
6th pic - Gap btw counter and far right end of 12' run. As with pic 3, no good way to fill, and this is very visible from dining area.

I realize I should have rejected the sink piece as it was not cut correct as far as I can tell (to account for the corner being out of square). The wall to the side of the stove from front to back is off by 3/8" if that makes sense. The overhangs on this piece are all out of whack too, and I am convinced they didn't account for this. Apparently I needed to measure the piece and check it for them before they brought it in the house?

In the heat of the moment, I was trying to have the job be able to be completed with the material on site. AND, their guy was telling me the back corner had a gap, but failed to mention the gap to side as well. Same issue with gap in pic 6. I was on the stove end....

This is why I am asking, thanks for feedback. I am very picky, I would expect gaps in the 1/32" range, maybe ok with 1/16". But to pay someone >$1000 (install only potion) to carry in 3 pcs of granite and glue them in place seems like a lot for this kind of results, especially when I pointed out all items to pay attention to.
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Old 11-25-2014, 09:23 AM
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You definitely have something to fuss about! Especially since you pointed it out beforehand. I am like you as far as tolerances go on stuff like this, maybe a little more lenient. I would give em an ⅛". But ⅜"&" is way out of line. I say either get the tops for cost or less, have them to fix it, or have them to pay someone who knows what they're doing to create a backsplash that covers their screw ups. I think the last option would be best. There are some guys out there that can work magic with this sort of thing.

You are in the right though, hopefully it will work out! If your better half is like mine, she was probably wanting this done before thanksgiving good luck!
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Old 11-25-2014, 09:27 AM
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For the price of granite I would want it to be right, maybe as paco said have them help with backsplash.

We did butcher block tops in our house, we have one area that tapers off into a gap that probably ends up being 1/2" wide. But we installed our selves and I completely forgot about it until I read this post. It's behind the bread machine so I don't see it
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