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Originally Posted by flashydubber View Post
I will put on googles and go under the boat and scrub it down.. works great and looking pretty

I agree that you use your boat more when you don't have to worry about trailering, launching etc.

I bought a boat to use it... aka I average 90-120 hours a season... if you put on 20-40 hours shame on you....even more shame on you if you live in a warm climate. You need a lift because you boat just sits there while mine is out counting the hours and burning lots of fuel!
I never thought about using goggles...that's something I'll have to try out. I'll generally wipe down the sides when we're beached on one of the islands with the kids. Good time to pop open a cold one while giving a little TLC to the toy and the kids play with their toys! For me, it's definitely more fun to clean the boat while on the lake relaxing than doing it on the trailer in the driveway while dreaming of being on the lake.

Sorry, threadjack over!
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Originally Posted by helton333 View Post
We are in TN and use an Econolift (had it for 5 years, not one issue)- about 60% the cost of hydrohoist - gets the boat completely out of the water - uses a large square float instead of the tubes - doesn't rock, very stable and very solid hardware. You could contact them and find out who here does their installs.

I haven't heard of Econolift, I will have to look them up. There is a company that leases lifts, but it is more than 50% of the cost I paying for the Slip which makes that a pretty significant amount / month. I really want to find a used one in good shape for a decent price. Just not as easy as I thought it would be..
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